8 November 2011 - Short Message

#Music producer Wax Tailor arranges music like a director scenes for a film story

Wax Tailor alias French soul-funk-jazz sampling producer Jean Christophe le Saout, who arranges music like a director scenes for a film story, is with guest musicians such as Charlotte Savary on tour from 10 to 13 Nov in Greece, 18 - 22 Nov in Australia, 26 Nov in Tunis (Tunisia), 2 Dec in Istanbul (Turkey), 3 Dec Sofia (Bulgaria), 5 Dec in Vienna (Austria)... waxtailor.com

fig. original: Wax Tailor. Photo: (C) Mathieu Zazzo.

Video: 'Our Dance' (feat. Charlotte Savary) from the album 'Tales of the Forgotten Melodies' (2005) by French music producer Wax Tailor. The song remembers a music composition created for alternative Broadway theatre stages. The video is directed by Laurent King.


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