VIENNA INSIGHT by Karin Sawetz, September 2011

'Wiesn Gaudi' means 'field fun'

'Wiesn Gaudi' is the German term for the things that happen from middle/late September until the first days of October - in 2011 from 17 September to 3 October, during the 'Oktoberfest' in various cities in Central Europe. Originally, the Oktoberfest (a beer party) happens in Munich (Germany) where people from Austria, Switzerland, South Tyrol have fun on the 'Wiesn' - a greenfield. The original Oktoberfest in Munich counts to the largest public parties worldwide. Even many other cities celebrate the 'Wiesn Gaudi', such as Vienna, where I have shot pictures of people who wait in front of the big tents (sponsored by beer labels) to get in for the traditional culinary specialities like white sausages.

fig. original: On 25 September 2011, I have seen members of the 'Wiener Fotomarathon' (on the image right) capturing the nicest Tracht pieces such as the colorful green one; mostly women wear dirndls and men leather trousers. I had luck to find the modern interpretation of the Tracht with a punky touch! You can see it in the middle of the group; the black leather trousers and white shirt are worn by a woman who applied gothic-punk style to the Tracht. On another image, you will find further examples for women in Tracht-leather trousers.

fig. original: The 'Wiesn' of the Viennese Oktoberfest is part of the permanent amusement park in the Prater. Even in Munich, the beer festival offers some traditional roundabouts.

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