1 August 2011 - Short Message

Music-video: 'Monuments' by Yann Tiersen with animated pictures from a 'skydive'

...that tell the story of a mediated world, the loss of empathy and sensationalism. The story of the video, its design and the direction of the illustrated images come from Ivan Rusev, a skydiver and member of a sports-media production group (he publishes a video from his own skydiving on vimeo.com/13859744). On 8 August, the single 'Monuments' (backed with the song 'Love Me') comes out in a limited edition on vinyl packed into special artwork and signed by Yann Tiersen.

The poetical, melodious song 'Monuments' is from the new album 'Skyline' (October 2011, Mute/GoodToGo) by the French multi-instrumentalist and composer Yann Tiersen who began with classical music studies, changed later to post-punk. He is also known for the composition of the soundtrack of the movie 'Amélie' (2001). From October on, Yann Tiersen is on tour through Europe and presents the new album 'Skyline': 20 Oct London, 28 Oct Paris, 31 Oct Zurich, 2 Nov Vienna, 7 Nov Berlin... to name a few yanntiersen.com.


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