VIENNA INSIGHT by Karin Sawetz, September 2011

Art and fashion combined easily

The concept store and art gallery 'Yoshi's Corner' invited on 15 September 2011 to the pre-opening of the exhibition 'Back from the States' with works by artists like David LaChapelle, Marilyn Minter, and Andy Warhol.

The photos (1 and 2) give an insight into the space of Yoshi's Corner in an old cinema on the Wollzeile in Vienna.

Yoshi's Corner opens with the store where goodies in cosmopolitan style - books, shoes, art-shirts, accessories like belts, tablet and laptop cases... welcome the visitor; everything here is very arty and sexy. It looks like a lounge and playground of a full-grown boy. The gallery is on the next floor downstairs.

Probably the photo of a car racing table express my personal impression from yesterday best: I met a special ease to handle with art and style.

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