Penelope Cruz in Zac Posen and Salvatore Ferragamo

Today on 13 November 2012, the Italian beverage label Campari presented the photos and theme of the Campari Calendar 2013 with actress Penelope Cruz in 13 (!) 'Kiss Superstition Goodbye' roles such as with a black raven which is flying into the house. A bird flying into the room signifies death. As the portrait of a person who is not superstitious, Penelope Cruz welcomes the bird with stretched arm and red leather gloved hand, while in the other (bejewelled) arm she holds the 'Americano' cocktail (1 part Campari, 1 part vermouth Cinzano rosso, 1 part soda, 1 slice of orange).

Bob Kunze-Concewitz, CEO of Gruppo Campari, comments: "For the 2013 Calendar, our intention was to represent the power of confidence in believing you can defy anything, and kiss goodbye to superstitions such as broken mirrors and mystical black cats."

fig. original: Penelope Cruz is dressed in Campari red evening gown by Zac Posen and shoes by Salvatore Ferragamo. The jewellery (platinum and diamond, art decó bracelet, circa 1930) is provided by Joyeria Molina Cuevas. The 13 pictures of Oscar-winning actress Penelope Cruz in fashion pieces by brands like Stuart Weitzman, Alaïa or Vivienne Westwood for the calendar 2013 (limited to 9.999 pieces) were taken by photographer Kristian Schuller. (C) Photo by Kristian Schuller.

Video: Behind the scenes at the Campari Calendar 2013 shooting with Penelope Cruz and Kristian Schuller.

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