25 September 2012 - Short Message

#Fashionoffice Content Trends (shares and clicks during the last six months, generated on 25 September 2012)

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Content Trends (past six months; generated on 25 September 2012)
  Page (shares & clicks) Viral Lift
1 Fashionoffice: Fashion film by 7 For All Mankind exp... 720%
Fashionoffice: Furniture that references a hot spot...
3 Fashionoffice: Outfit of the German Olympic team for... 338%
  fashion.at/mobile: Sportive outdoor gear incorporate...   1,200%
  Fashionoffice: Men's wear inspired by sports at the... 733%
  fashion.at/mobile: Video Lino Villaventura #fashion... 467%
  Fashionoffice: Art on beer bottles by M.I.A. 133%
  Fashionoffice: The impact of photographers on music 1,100%
  Fashionoffice: 'Skort' is the name of a new bike fas... 500%
  Fashionoffice: Emerging fashion reflected in art 225%
  Fashionoffice: A belt from Salzburg with the name 'L... 0%
20 Fashionoffice: What fashion scientists would never d... 600%

Statistics of the Content Trends generated on 1 August 2012.

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