13 December 2012 - Short Message

What are important issues of society or social themes such as perceived by #Fashionoffice through #music in 2012?

The listing below is subjectively selected by Fashionoffice after 'taste' and theme. The seven themes were discovered by heuristical method; the intuitive finding of the themes was leaded by the question 'What are important issues or themes of society such as perceived by Fashionoffice through music in 2012?' This means that this listing is not derived from statistical data such as the recently published Top10 ranking of music videos.

Enjoy the subjectively selected music items which have left at the end of 2012 at Fashionoffice a lasting impression of this year's (music) style.

  1. London Olympics
    28 June 2012 - #Music listen the London #Olympics track 'Survival' by Muse from the album 'The 2nd Law' (release in September 2012)
    31 Aug 2012 - #Sport scenes at the #MusicVideo 'Ghosts' by The Presets, directed by Abteen Bagheri

  2. An altered awareness of religious symbols and values with critical views on history
    23 June 2012 - #MusicVideo 'We Are On Fire' by CocoRosie (song released on 5 June 2012)
    16 Sept 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Fitzpleasure' by alt-J with #artworks by Wim Delvoye, directed by Guillaume Cagniard
    15 March 2012 - #Music video 'Never Let Me Go' by Florence + The Machine with British actor Jamie Campbell Bower (Twilight Saga, Harry Potter)

  3. Socio-critical music videos - some remind Italian post-war cinema 'neorealismo', with references to the economical, political situation of young people. The visual language includes even modern monitoring systems and global media pictures from protest scenes.
    7 Nov 2012 - New #musicVideo 'Fitzpleasure' by alt-J (∆) from the album 'An Awesome Wave', directed by Emile Sornin
    6 Oct 2012 - #MusicDownload 'True Romance' by Citizens! from the debut album ''Here We Are' (9 Oct 2012, Kitsune/Cooperative Music)
    7 Sept 2012 - Short-film featuring #music from the album 'Until The Quiet Comes' by Flying Lotus (1/2 October, Warp Records)
    3 Sept 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Little Girl' by Spiritualized, main role stunt rider Chesca Miles, directed by Vincent Haycock
    10 July 2012 - #MusicVideo 'R U Mine?' by the Arctic Monkeys (single released in March, Domino)
    13 Feb 2012 - #Music video of the title track 'Sweet Sour' of the new album (release 14 Feb) by UK 'Band of Skulls'

  4. The reprocessing of American-African history - partly spiced with surprisingly much humour, and new perceptions of African culture
    9 Dec 2012 - #Music John Legend's 'Who Did That To You' from Quentin Tarantino's 'Django Unchained' soundtrack (release on 18 December)
    20 Nov 2012 - #Musician Thunderbird Gerard at #ElectronicArtFestival in #SaintPetersburg (23, 24 November)

  5. The critical reflection of images of women made by classical media like TV in the 1950/60ies
    4 Nov 2012 - #MusicVideo Alicia Keys' 'Girl On Fire' (Inferno Version) ft. Nicki Minaj
    11 Oct 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Turn It Around' by Lucius, directed by Matthew Pizzano, featuring actress Auden Thornton (Pan Am, Arlington Road)

  6. Protection of the environment as form of street art
    9 Oct 2012 - #MusicVideo Wax Tailor's 'Time To Go' feat Aloe Blacc, from the album 'Dusty Rainbow From The Dark' (Sept, Le Plan/Lab'Oratoire)

  7. Music videos against body, beauty and other 'cults'
    29 Oct 2012 - Electronic-punk-dancefloor #musicVideo 'Stamina' by Vitalic from the album 'Rave Age' (5 Nov, PIAS America)
    13 Sept 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Sleepwalker' by Moon Duo with "new-age workout guru"

    17 May 2012 - Social critical video '#Beauty is only skin deep' directed by Kitty Von-Sometime, episode 15 of The Weird Girls Project, #music 'So Dark In Here' by Ghostigital

This is a fast selection of music matched with social themes in 2012. Fashionoffice has presented many more and very various music tips this year. Find them on fashionoffice.org/music/.

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