3 August 2012 - Short Message

#Top10 on #Fashionoffice in July: Sioux at Olympic Games, Academy of Art University School of Fashion San Francisco...

Through July 2012, the users request mainly information about Sioux (article about the outfits of the German Olympic Team at the London 2012 Games) and the Academy of Art University School of Fashion San Francisco on the domains of Fashionoffice.
(Top 10 requests on Fashionoffice in June 2012: Nike, Academy of Art University School of Fashion San Francisco...
Details about the domains of Fashionoffice.)

The Top 10 requests according to Google Analytics on the domains of Fashionoffice from 1 to 31 July 2012 are:

  1. fashionoffice.org/culture/2012/sioux-olympia4-2012.htm
  2. confashion.com/ss2007/galati6-2007.htm
  3. confashion.com/ss2008/ibm1-2008.htm
  4. confashion.com/ss2007/inhorgenta4-2007.htm
  5. confashion.com/ss2008/ritukumar10-2007.htm
  6. confashion.com/ss2007/schweitzberger5-2007.htm
  7. confashion.com/ss2007/philippplein4-2007.htm
  8. confashion.com/ss2007/garges6-2007.htm
  9. confashion.com/ss2007/generalmotors6-2007.htm
  10. confashion.com/ss2007/lenesecher5-2007.htm

Top 10 requested articles in July; the articles are written in 2012 (statistics by Google Analytics):

  1. fashionoffice.org/culture/2012/sioux-olympia4-2012.htm
  2. beautyme.com/skin/2012/greenbeautyfashion5-2012.htm
  3. fashionoffice.org/collections/2012/puma6-2012.htm
  4. fashionoffice.org/collections/2012/nike2-2012.htm
  5. fashionoffice.org/culture/2012/7forallmankind7-2012.htm
  6. fashionoffice.org/culture/2012/becksartlabel6-2012.htm
  7. fashionoffice.org/collections/2012/octoberpreview7-2012.htm
  8. fashionoffice.org/collections/2012/geox6-2012.htm
  9. fashionoffice.org/collections/2012/augustinteboul7-2012.htm
  10. fashionoffice.org/culture/2012/makinghistory4-2012.htm

Top 10 requested articles in July on pages which are adjusted for mobile usage (statistics by Google Analytics):

  1. fashion.at/mobile/2012/linovillaventura6-2012.htm
  2. fashion.at/mobile/2012/toptenonfashionoffice7-2012.htm
  3. fashion.at/mobile/2012/ponymaedchen6-2012.htm
  4. fashion.at/mobile/2012/adultswim7-2012.htm
  5. fashion.at/mobile/2012/atsukotanaka2-2012.htm
  6. fashion.at/mobile/2012/emmalundgren4-2012.htm
  7. fashion.at/mobile/2012/dorisuhlich5-2012.htm
  8. fashion.at/mobile/2012/jilsander6-2012.htm
  9. fashion.at/mobile/2012 /ryojiikeda6-2012.htm
  10. fashion.at/mobile/2012/theglobalskin5-2012.htm

Top Content Trends during the last month (statistics by AddThis; generated on 1 August 2012)
The Content Trends and Viral Lifts* are generated by the AddThis tools on Fashionoffice pages.
*Viral Lift: "Total percentage increase in traffic due to shares and clicks." (AddThis Analytics Glossary)

  1. Fashionoffice: Fashion film by 7 For All Mankind explores Hollywood, directed by James Franco Viral Lift 720%
  2. Fashionoffice: Outfit of the German Olympic team for the Summer Games 2012 in London Viral Lift 371%
  3. Fashionoffice: Men's wear inspired by sports at the Côte d'Azur Viral Lift 0%
  4. Beautyme: Londoner model in 'Good vs Bad Boy'-role at the new JOOP! Homme Wild campaign Viral Lift 900%
  5. Fashionoffice: Contest for fashion fans; call for models by Alpha Industries Viral Lift 700%
  6. Fashionoffice Vienna Insight: The city's last and next Fashion Week Viral Lift 200%
  7. Fashionoffice: Art on beer bottles by M.I.A. Viral Lift 100%
  8. Fashionoffice's Austria Insight: Tyrolean countess' fashion of the 15th century and lingerie Viral Lift 200%
  9. Fashionoffice cuisine tip: Cherry Yoghurt Viral Lift 150%
  10. Fashionoffice: Sustainable - but no 'green angels'; launch of the new label Y/O/U in Vienna, Berlin Viral Lift 150%

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