19 September 2012 - Short Message

#Fashionoffice Top Trending Content (last 7 days, generated at 8.30 by the AddThis tools on Fashionoffice pages)

  1. fashion.at/mobile: MusicVideo showing a skateboard dancer 'Youthless' by Millionyoung from the album 'Amanecer'
  2. http://www.fashion.at/mobile/2012/trendletter9-2012-IV.htm
  3. Fashionoffice: Men's wear inspired by sports at the Côte d'Azur
  4. Fashionoffice about collections - special channel of the magazine; since 1996
  5. fashion.at/mobile: #MusicVideo 'Fitzpleasure' by alt-J with artworks by Wim Delvoye, directed by Guillaume Cagniard
Find the live-generated analytics on the cover of Fashionoffice.org.

Fashionoffice research activities example: Art Ranking
One of the most interesting results of research by Fashionoffice during the last years concerns the interplay between country domains and keywords/phrases.

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