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20 December 2019 style tip 2020 inspired by traveling

It's very possible that the trend of organizing more environmentally friendly holidays with wisely calculated traveling behaviour will become a sort of 'must have' in 2020. The quality of the experience of culture and nature will win over the quantity of consumed visits of landmarks. The new Jet Set doesn't wear fur or won't drink from plastic bottles (except there is no other choice) and will use transport services in accordance to distances like the airplane for longer routes like Vienna - New York and fast, comfortable trains for shorter travels such as from Vienna to Milan or Vienna to Paris. collected some items with early 2020 holidays and Valentine's Day in mind:

Heart: The golden ring with pink sapphires is from the 'Chromosomes in Love' collection by artist Eva Petrič and Viennese jeweler A. E. Köchert. The collection traveled this year for exhibitions from Vienna to Salzburg and New York (article).

Butterfly meets Glam: The pink lavender 'Titan Accent Shades' makes think of a glamorous butterfly; the sunglasses with titan frame from the new Silhouette Sun Collection 2020 are already available. In 2019, Silhouette celebrated with a special 20th anniversary edition the very light titan design of the brand's signature eyewear (article).

Transform: The light grey 'G9 Radical transformer energizer' eyewear by gloryfy. The Austrian label is known for its unbreakable lenses; the ones on view at the image are additionally transformers - that means they adjust to the light condition. gloryfy collaborates for the development of the design with athletes and recently for a collection of sunglasses with musician Xavier Naidoo (article). In early December, the worldwide first gloryfy flagship store opened at the Nakheel Mall in Dubai.

Art: The two silk scarves with colorful lavender, violet, pink butterfly print in the size 53x53 cm are from the 'Hommage à Alphonse Mucha Papillon' series by Austrian jeweler Freywille. The art prints of the brand's scarves are inspired by motifs of the jewelry which pays homage to works by painters like Alphonse Mucha, Hundertwasser, Gustav Klimt, Claude Monet or Vincent van Gogh. visited this year Freywille and looked behind the creation of scarf prints (article).

Trip: Tumi presents the new Spring/Summer 2020 luggage collection like the 'Short Trip Expandable 4 Wheeled Packing Case' from the 'V4' series or the 'Madina Cosmetic' bag from the women's bag collection 'Voyageur'. Both Tumi pieces on view at this page show the seasonal 'Blush Floral' print.
Photo cosmetic bag: © Industrial Color Studios.

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