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fall 2009

A holistic approach to beauty

In September 2009, the Austrian natural cosmetics label Bioemsan invited to a seminar about cosmetics and healthy nutrition with the title 'Beauty from In- and Outside'.

Interview about the distribution concept of natural cosmetics, what a dentist has to do with Bioemsan, and if there are any meta-rules to gain beautiful skin through healthy nutrition:

fig.: Katharina Hader, Bioemsan co-founder and product manager

Question: Bioemsan is an Austrian natural cosmetics label. When was it founded? 

Katharina Hader: Bioemsan was originally founded in 2004, though since that time we've realized several innovations and developments concerning variety, formula and package-design.

Question: Bioemsan is already stocked in stores in Austria and Germany? What's the distribution concept for natural cosmetics products today? Would you say that professional advice is a criteria for finding the best point of sales?

Katharina Hader: Our label is already stocked in Austria and Germany, but also in a lot of the other European countries.  We do have selected distributors there selling our Bioemsan cosmetics, but we are always looking for new partners.

Bioemsan cosmetics is a niche market product which we distribute only in selective markets. We do not want our product to be found in any store. 

Question: Would you say that professional advice is a criteria for finding the best point of sales?

Katharina Hader: For us it is important to offer professional advice and deal with trained staff who personally identify with natural organic cosmetics and the philosophy of our products. These are the main criteria for us to choose new distribution partners.  

To sum it up, compared to other brands and companies, customer relationship management is the key point of successful distribution.

Question: On your website you are presenting three people behind Bioemsan; one is a dentist. What has a dentist to do with natural cosmetics?

Katharina Hader: One of the first products in our range was the Bioemsan toothpaste which is still a bestseller. In a way we are proud to have the possibility to offer a good toothpaste as many health problems lead from tooth problems. Our toothpaste is based on an alkaline basis with our special technology of effective microorganisms which have a great effect on the health of teeth and gums. Our dentist on the website, Dr. med. dent. Gerhard Schneider, started to work with the em-technology and created a toothpaste – at the beginning mainly for his patients.  In the meantime we achieved really great results with it and our customers love it.

Question: In September 2009 you have invited to a seminar about 'Beauty from In- and Outside'. One of the lectures was about skin- and healthfood. You write that skin quality is massively influenced by nutrition. Isn't nutrition as individual as skin cosmetics? Each body stomachs special food better or worse? Or are there any 'meta-rules' to follow? Please let us know one of the 'meta-rules'?

Katharina Hader: Of course every individual needs a different nutrition as everybody is different and has a different taste. Therefore, we really appreciated the presentation of Dr. med. Gerhard Beck, CEO Revital Aspach, a specialist in the field of metabolic cycle.

From my personal view, it is very important to buy seasonal, fresh and preferably organic/natural food from the region. And of course to do enough sports and excercises in order to stimulate our metabolism and stay healthy. Blueberries or all sorts of red berries for example, as well as green vegetables, have a very positive effect on our skin, because they are all rich in antioxidants.

Without doubt it is important to select individually the right food for the right person. Though we do not think that there exists kind of a "meta-rule" for everybody – but maybe a few guidlines to follow...

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