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Short Message 29/8/2009:

>The fashion design researcher Otto von Busch is known as 'Haute Couture Heretic'. He has developed the idea of the designer as a ‘Hacktivist’ to enforce socially and politically changes such as the construction of co-productive communities and emancipatory practices: “…fashion designers ‘hacked’ the industrial production at a traditional shoe factory…. Instead of lasts, patterns or machines, they worked to change the work model and process through a co-design workshop on-site with the factory workers. A three-day workshop involved joint sketching, tinkering and using the industrial machines ‘wrongly’. For example, the designer Siv Stødal recombined existing components, materials and techniques to generate new forms – this was the start of a new shoe collection and long-term collaboration. While many such factories have declined over the last century, this collaboration has resulted in a permanent prototype lab, new product lines, local pride, national attention and international fashion awards.” Otto von Busch participates the discussions on 11 September at the 'Design Act' (9 Sept - 8 Nov) in Lisbon

The outfit for one of the world's largest public parties
Each year in fall, people mainly from the alpine regions of Austria, Germany, Switzerland and South Tyrol join one of the worldwide largest public parties running in September/October on the so called 'Wiesn' (greenfield). Traditionally, the 'Oktoberfest' serves culinary specialities like the white sausage 'Weisswurst' with 'Brezel' and beer by the liter. The last mentioned tradition exhilarates the people of the Alps the whole year through - not what you think... How to choose the wardrobe for the 'Wiesn'?

Artists on denim about the global climate
The Italian denim brand Diesel invites under the title 'Art on Denim' to live performances by illustrator Franke and fashion-artist Komet Rock about an environmental theme on 28 and 29 August 2009 into the stores in Linz and Graz in Austria. It is the final event of the „Life / Lovestory of my favorite denim" campaign by Diesel...

Short Message 28/8/2009:

>Florence dancing in the new video (>YouTube) ‘Drumming Song’, release on 13 Sept Florence is dancing rather in ‘Feist’ than ‘Beyoncé’-style, such as web users are stating on their sites; but she is doing that in choreography! In June, the fashion world has discovered Florence Welch as a new star of the music scene: the Vogue ran a feature about Florence's wardrobe, discussing here on-stage and off-stage outfits, the Telegraph magazine produced a four page feature and has described her as "Kate Bush meets Aretha Franklin", and UK designer Paul Smith wrote on his blog on 9 June 2009 "Listening to Florence and the Machine, love it."

Beauty design concept for 'Brilliant Women'; Helena Rubinstein and Demi Moore
In summer 2009, the cosmetic and perfume brand Helena Rubinstein presented under the title 'Wanted' a 'starshine' collection for the lips and the brand's first perfume in the 21st century with Hollywood actress Demi Moore. Demi Moore represents a woman over 40 that is "certainly different from what people feel someone in her 40s should be", is the actress cited under the title 'Brilliant Women'. On the same web page, Helena Rubinstein announces that the brand will take part at the Women's Forum, 15 - 17 October 2009 in Deauville, France...

Women singers about dancing through the night and things that can happen, the times of being young and getting older, and about feeling glamorous
Selected tracks from Roisin Murphy, Feist, Florence and The Machine, Lady Sovereign, Regina Spektor, Ladytron, Zwicker

Short Messages 26/8/2009:

>A car lottery supports HIV/AIDS projects. The BMW Mini Cabriolet, designed by Katy Perry, is the lottery prize on (the lottery runs until 31 August).

>Cultural objects and social revolutions. If you take a cultural object apart and reconstitute it in the secret place of a tiny room, have you begun a revolution? If you are not sure, track this: visitors are invited to bring an object from their native country that might have some social, cultural, or historical significance which could be interesting to be used by the Philippines artist Gary Ross Pastrana on occasion of the ArtHub symposium ‘The Making of the Silk Roads’ from 27-30 Aug at the Bangkok University Gallery

>Become a virtual street artist! The French performance group ‘collectif 1980’ installs its mobile box with screens for virtual graffitis in the garden of the Fondation Cartier from 8 Sept to 13 Sept

>Future design practices and sustainability. The Danish Design Center questions in the exhibition ‘it's a small world’ how designers will work in future to address global issues such as sustainability, new technology and consumption; running from 27 Aug 2009 until 31 Jan 2010. It is planned that the exhibition travels through Europe and US

Russian culture on cheeks, lips and eyes; seen at Guerlain FW 2009
Creative Director Olivier Echaudemaison has day dreamed three sceneries to find the make up colors for the 'Volga Princess' and the 'Russian Doll'...

"Beauty is not opposed to revolution" said Ernesto Che Guevara; heard at the Salzburger Festspiele
Since 22 August 1920, directors, musicians, actors, stage and costume designers are celebrating high theatre culture during midsummer at the Salzburger Festspiele in Austria. Interview with the Costume and Make Up Director Elke Wolter. Question: Have you experienced that the costume designers at the Salzburger Festspiele are influenced by fashion?

Short Messages 21/8/2009:

>Stage-premiere announced by MCA Chicago: Zimbabwe born, in NY based dance artist Nora Chipaumire will perform with the musician Thomas Mapfumo alias the ‘Lion of Zimbabwe’ on 1, 3, 4, October (>YouTube). Nora Chipaumire is inspired by the art from Zimbabwe, such as Shona sculpture and Chimurenga music - art that results from the convergence of rural, urban, African, non-African, cultural, economic, colonial, and technological ideas

>mija t. rosa presents FW09/10, entitled 'A Woman under the Influence' on 11 Sept at the Viennese WUK, choreography by Andrea Schmidt. Designer Julia Cepp has studied at the University of Applied Arts Vienna/Professor Raf Simons. She creates images of women that stand for self-determination, freedom of action and against social barriers

What are man's and woman's roles in the history of scents? The Gentleman's Collection by Aramis
You will see that men are described mostly as adventurous 'runaways' from the 70ies on that become 'sensuous' in the mid 90ies. Women play in more than 30 years of fragrance history for two times explicitly an important role in the olfactory world of men: 1981 it is the creative power of a female and in 2006 it is the independence of women that becomes a theme...

What's the power of the black raven? Seen at Thomas Sabo FW9/10. Vienna Insight by Karin Sawetz.
The German jewellery brand Thomas Sabo presented the new collections on occasion of a press day in Vienna. One of the new lines is the 'Black Raven'. It is said that the raven and crow are the most intelligent birds which can even learn to speak. Since ancient times the raven was a mystical animal that exists between the worlds...

"...anything that gets wet starts getting sexy." Marilyn Minter for MAC Cosmetics
New York based photographer Marilyn Minter was chosen alongside to painter Richard Phillips and illustrator Maira Kalman by MAC Cosmetics to visualize the new limited fall 2009 collection. The artists had been inspired by the new colors. Minter says in her interview on the website of MAC Cosmetics that she thinks that "...anything that gets wet starts getting sexy"...

Short Messages 18/8/2009:

>Covermodel for one day! The retailer Esprit starts together with Canon the campaign 'Catch your Esprit moment’ on 27 Aug (runs until May 2010) on occasion of the next store-openings in Germany. A stylist und make-up artist will give you the covergirl-look. Your photo will be mounted into a fictive cover of a magazine

>Just received the invitation to the opening of the 3rd Fotofestival Mannheim_Ludwigshafen_Heidelberg on 4 Sept. The curators and artists will tour to the seven places where the festival happens. It will be an ‘awareness travel’ to the construction of reality through the photographer’s eye. Invitation only!

Coats, equipped with a music mechanism
The coats of the installation 'Showroom' by the Serbian artist Goran Despotovsk are arranged like on a runway. The objects are equipped with a music mechanism providing sounds of...

Humorous story-telling technique by using clothes, wigs, bags
...seen at the Neues Museum in Nuremberg where the current work of Berlin based female artist Wiebke Siem about...

Short Messages 17/8/2009:

>Story about a female athlete and the impact of sports on politics and society. On occasion of the 12th IAAF World Championships in Athletics in Berlin (15 - 23 Aug, director Kaspar Heidelbach and the actors of his new film BERLIN ´36 invite to a talk at the Kulturstadion Pariser Platz on 19 Aug, 19.30 (free entry). The movie BERLIN ´36 is about the German Jewish athlete Gretel Bergmann who started at the Olympic Games 1936 in Berlin…

>Pattern Design Conference in San Francisco from 2 to 4 October 2009. The California based Center for Pattern Design celebrates 1st anniversary, hosting a Pattern Design Conference to bring together master pattern makers who will share their insights, their designs and the pattern techniques of the fashion industry

A natural cosmetic pioneer who fled from East Germany; talking with Annemarie Lindner
In 1958 Annemarie Lindner's cosmetic business was so successful that the East German government wanted to nationalize it. The German cosmetic pioneer had to flee with her family to the West. In 1959 she has started with the label Annemarie Borlind in West Germany again. On occasion of the 50th anniversary of the brand Annemarie Borlind, the founder Annemarie Lindner speaks about the history of the brand, her inspirations, the approach to beauty and health, and what ecological awareness has to do with 'Celebrity Red' lip color, dead lice and eatable ingredients...

Short Message 14/8/2009:

>New York music & art/design and a Tokyo trend-boutique. NYC based artist/designer Brian Wood collaborates with musician Mickey Factz and Tokyo based boutique Nubian. On the video Mickey Factz is ‘Freestyle’ing at the College of Staten Island. Mickey Factz wears a shirt with ‘Count Mickey’ print by Brian Wood. You can get the ‘Count Mickey’ shirt at

About the selection of labels and trend items for online shops and the future of e-commerce; interview with
Question: How are you finding out what Fashionistas prefer? Kirsty Tippett, "We check sales figures once the product is launched. Before we buy into a product we listen to feedback from customers about current products and what they are looking for next, we visit many different blog sites to see what the latest hot topics are, especially fashion and lingerie blogs. We also see what is in the press; magazines are always good to see what is on trend."

Setting trends online; seen at
In mid-August 2009, the London headquartered edgy retailer 'Topshop' presented the 11th collection by Kate Moss. From 27 Aug 2009 on, the 60/70/80ies rock’n’roll vintage-glam fall/winter 2009/10 outfits will be available in countries around the globe on the award winning online shop

A manifesto rules a fashion shop; seen at
Question: You have founded the style shop in summer 2008 with a manifesto. Are these the rules which decide if a designer can be part of Boris Berghammer, initiator of "Just like the "Dogma" films in the 90's, this manifesto serves as frame work and screening criteria. Like all rules, these are interpretable as well. Fashion is after all a living process." 

Regional boutiques become international; seen at
The importance of professional selected, relevant news grows in times of overflowing information. This business is done online by publishers and search engines. But who is selecting the pieces in an online shop?

Media information Fashionoffice, Aug 2009
Measuring editorial content and its effects on search engines as well as daily updated advertising inventory statistics...

Short Messages 11/8/2009:

>Voodoo Experience in New Orleans, LA! On 30 October The Black Keys will perform at the Voodoo Fest in New Orleans, LA ( with musicians like Kiss, Eminem, Gogol Bordello, Wolfmother, Justice… Video (on YouTube): ‘Just Got To Be’ from the album ‘Magic Potion’ (2006) by The Black Keys (singer/guitarist Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney, directed by Peter Zavadil / Taillight TV. You can hear their music such as ‘The Desperate Man’ in a Victoria’s Secret commercial (2006) featuring Heidi Klum. Their song ‘Your Touch’ was used in a Lee jeans commercial (2007) etc.

The individualisation of taste began in times of pop-culture; seen at a Taschen publication about fashion advertising
From the 19th century it was a long way until pop-culture (popular culture, popular comes from 'populus', from the 'people') breaks through in the 60ies/70ies. The democratisation of fashion was enabled by affordable clothes. The masses had for the first time the chance to join the fashion 'circus'...

The democratisation of high fashion; seen at La Redoute FW9/10
Since 1969, La Redoute invites each season prominent designers like Christian Lacroix, Karl Lagerfeld, Yves Saint Laurent etc with the aim to democratise fashion and the ready-to-wear products of the French Haute Couturiers. The 31 year's old shooting star Alexis Mabille created for FW9/10 a robe that seems to tell a story about the construction of today's 'women'. He lengthens the shirt on the widest point of the hip with a voluminous skirt. This dramatic change of the shirt's 'male plot' on the most female part of a woman's body evokes a thrilling, new sexiness...

Short Messages 9/8/2009:
>YouTube-video mashup to ‘Beautiful Boyz’ by the American half-Cherokee sisters Sierra (Rosie) and Bianca (Coco) Casady ‘Cocorosie’ and ‘Antony’ from Antony & The Johnsons who has released in early 2009 the new album ‘The Crying Light’ reflecting upon the momentous changes that we are facing within each of our private worlds as well as collectively, and how we are summoning the courage to start moving through them Cocorosie are on tour on 2 Sep in New York, 3 Sep Washington, 5 Sep Boston etc

>Swarovski announced the upcoming creative workshops such as up-styling your t-shirt with crystals on 22 Aug in Wattens, Austria. The creative workshop series are entitled ‘Crystallized Cosmos’

Art meets fashion to practice sustainability; seen at Canedicoda for Replay
In 2009, the stores of the Italian denim brand Replay become think-tanks and art-performance stages for practising 're-elaborating' and 're-making'. For Replay, the prefix 'Re' stands for 'repetition' such as the 'Re-Fish' by artist Ivan Bonesso who works on the theme 'recycling'. In September, the Italian screen printer Canedicoda will make artworks on the jeans of visitors on occasion of the 'Re-Denim' days in Paris and Barcelona. In Paris, the store will become a dance floor, heated up by DJ Nihilisme...

Frogg on stage with De La Soul
Frogg, the two Seeed musicians saxophonist Mo Delgado and DJ Luke plus UK singer Mills will perform as special guests together with the US trio De La Soul on 15 Sept in Hamburg, 16 Sept Heidelberg, 17 Sept Berlin on stage. Frogg was formed officially in 2006 at the Londoner Fertilizer Festival where bands like 'Chicks on Speed' have played...

Short Messages 5/8/2009:
>Clean technologies and new textile products are on show at the BIFF & BIL 2009 (fashion and leather fair) from 13 to 16 August in Bangkok, Thailand. The Thai textile industry has become advanced in using high technology such as nano technology for medical circles or plasma for the sports industry. At the same time, Thailand has made efforts to shift to clean technologies which reduce the use of chemicals and water

>Naughty sock shirt. A shirt made of socks by the Viennese fashion label ‚unartig’ - which means as much as ‚naughty’ - is this month’s featured product on

The unprettified view of an observer; seen at Wolfgang Tillmans
In Berlin/London living photographer Wolfgang Tillmans will receive the Cultural Award 2009 of the German Photographic Association during the 3rd Fotofestival Mannheim_Ludwigshafen_Heidelberg. Wolfgang Tillmans, who became worldwide successful with direct photography of street fashion and gay subculture in the early 90s...

Short Messages 4/8/2009:
> YouTube video ‘Search and Destroy’ with Peaches and Iggy Pop on stage. Peaches is on tour in Europe: 7 Aug Berlin, 15 Aug Saint-Malo, 22 Aug Hasselt, 29 Aug Lyon, 30 Aug London etc.

>The Austrian Poolbar Festival just announced the next events such as the New York band Telepathe on 6 Aug, or the ‘Focus on Fashion’ show on 7 Aug. The festival runs until 16 Aug

All eyes on the Arab and Iranian scene!
Paris Photo 2009 guest curator Catherine David has selected for 'Arab and Iranian Photography' galleries from Tehran, Dubai, Tunis, Marrakesch, Beirut etc. for giving photographic statements from a poorly documented but emerging scene...

Fashion inspired by the erotic of Sacher-Masoch; Vienna Insight by Karin Sawetz
Traditionally for the cultural region, the high point of the fashion show near the former working place of Sigmund Freud, in a country where Leopold Ritter von Sacher-Masoch has written 'Venus in Furs', had a strong erotic, very dominant note. Birgit Indra has sculptured the pieces in red and black nappa leather close to the models' bodies. Well-equipped with whips and masks, the 'Pleasure'-pieces promenaded...

Top content of Fashionoffice in July 2009
The statistical data (ranking top content 1 to 30) is delivered by Google Analytics. What are the effects of Fashionoffice’s traffic on rankings of keywords in search engines?

Short Messages 1/8/2009:
>Interventions in the public space, in the mass media, and on computers! ‘The Matrix: An Unstable Reality’ is the central exhibition at the 28th Biennial of Graphic Arts in Ljubljana, 4 Sept – 25 Oct 2009. Does a medium stay the same once it incorporates new technologies in its discourse? What is the social power of those who possess the matrix? More than eighty artists show their works

>‘Farmer in Search of Style‘ is the title of Eindhoven’s Designhuis exploration of a new lifestyle where humans are seen as an integral part of the ecologic cycle. Information technology has set humans free from a fixed location within the urban environment... 7 Aug - 27 Sept

>Elliot is working as an interior designer in Greenwich Village. He feels empowered by the gay rights movement… Watch the trailer for the new movie (release mid Aug) ‚Taking Woodstock’, directed by Ang Lee, starring Demetri Martin as Elliot Tiber who was one of the ‘makers’ of the 1969's Woodstock Music and Arts Festival. Songs from The Grateful Dead, The Doors, Jefferson Airplane etc.

City tips inside boardshorts; seen at 'The Standard' by Quiksilver
On 8 Aug 2009, the California headquartered sports fashion label Quiksilver and The Standard hotels will launch their 'boardshorts'-project 'The Standard' with a pool party on the rooftop of The Standard Downtown LA. Inside, on the waistband of each short you can find a Quik Tips City Guide. The list of addresses is curated by Natas Kaupas and corresponds to 5 destinations near each of the hotels in Miami, New York, Hollywood and Downtown LA...

Sun-protection wear can save costs; seen at Hyphen summer 2009
Sun-protection can be an expensive luxury. To reduce costs, cover the body with special and proven textiles; for the other parts use sun cream! Hpyhen offers UVA- and UVB- sun-protection wear for women, men, and kids...

Short Messages 30/7/2009:
>UK based designers, artists are presenting themselves in a voting to win a free flight to one of the destinations of British Airways

>The Viennese club people seen through the eyes of photographer Thomas Unterberger ( is presented in the exhibition Manyshots at the Lounge in Vienna from 31 Jul until 22 Aug. Opening on 30 Jul 20.00-00.00, Lambrusco will be served
>Join the Roma/Gypsy Pavilion at the 54th Venice Biennale 2011! The Arts and Culture Network Program of the Open Society Institute (OSI) calls for proposals (deadline for submissions: 14 Sept 2009)

Short Message: Just received: “Bang Gang have so many fantastic videos none of us in the office are doing any work…”! Video: ‘Stop in the name of love’ by Bang Gang (> YouTube). Coming acts of Bang Gang, Nouvelle Vague, Phoebe Killdeer, Melanie Pain, Clare & The Reasons etc are published on

Short Message: Gardening – the green graffiti! Video by NTDTV (> YouTube) about the Londoner Guerilla Gardener Richard Reynolds who has started to make the city green in 2004; today worldwide followers meet on

Fashion designer Mary Quant, babies in cages, Sex Pistols outside Buckingham Palace; seen at the Getty Images Gallery
From 14 August to 5 September 2009, the Getty Images Gallery shows the spirit and style of London's residents between 1900-1990, from the famous film and rock stars to the unknown flower sellers or babies in cages...

Short Message: Video by (> YouTube) about the music and creative group ‚The Misshapes’. On a huge street style gallery is published! On 31 July ‘The Misshapes’ will provide the sound at the SoBe LifeWater Summer Fridays in New York on occasion of sample sale featuring edgy fashion designer brands, collected in cooperation with Nylon Magazine. 5% of sales generated from this sample sale will be donated to the charity Urban Zen. Invitation only!

Men's scent for nomads in a world of multimedia; seen at Givenchy 'Play'
Givenchy describes the world of these men with the words: "In our high-tech nomadic era of multimedia and modernity, experiences can be shared anywhere, anytime"...

Short Message: McArthurGlen Designer Outlets just invited to the Summer-Shopping-Party with fashion shows, surfriding simulator, football stars, fun for kids etc. on 20 Aug in Parndorf (Austria)

Break out! Fashion for sports in front of your door; seen at Nike Women fall 2009
Under the title 'Urban Playgrounds' Nike summarizes current developments such as guided outdoor trainings organized by gyms for the ones who haven't experienced the new 'playgrounds' yet and that sporting in front of the door is already popular in China, Australia and UK...

Short Message: ‚Sweet Music’ by the Canadian born musician Mocky ( who will perform at the fashion store Nr. 4 ( in Kreuzberg, Berlin together with Taylor Savvy, Marie Clare Brytzwa and guests from 16:00 to 20:00 on 1 Aug. Cold drinks and cocktails will be served! Watch the video on YouTube.

Street art is the leading theme of the Fashionoffice Insight by publisher Karin Sawetz, Aug 2009
The 'mobile style' with its modern communication tools such as the computer or phone has reached people around the world. The musician is composing on a computer while sitting on a parkbank, the football fan has stopped the truck to watch the game on the phone, the lady has chosen the virtual shopping guide and finds the next boutique with the mobile navigation... In this context, the art on the streets becomes a subject of interest for Fashionoffice. Let's go in front of the door!

Italian street style; seen at the Campari calendar 2010 shooting in Milan
By the end of July 2009, the first 'behind the scenes images' from the Campari Calendar 2010 shooting have been published showing Bond-girl Olga Kurylenko in front of the camera of photographer Simone Nervi on the fashionable streets of Milan...

Streetwear that re-interprets cultural heritage; seen at Heartblood SS2010
'Heartblood' designer Sabine Haun is inspired by historic themes, music, religion, literature and publishes the re-interpretations of her cultural heritage on glam shirts with rock'n'roll appeal. Question: And what means the anchor? Does it bring the wearer good luck to find his/her counter’heart’?

All began with a 'tag' in the 60ies; seen at the Graffiti exhibition at Fondation Cartier
In times of internet, a 'tag' is known from the program language of websites (such as meta tags or keyword tags). In street art it means a signature consisting of a writer’s pseudonym, often accompanied by the number of his or her street address. With these 'tags' on the walls, graffiti art was born in the streets of the working-class Manhattan neighborhood of Washington Heights, and later in the Bronx and Brooklyn, New York during the 60ies and early 70ies...

Streetwear re-interpreted by the 'enfant terrible de la couture'; seen at Jean Paul Gaultier for Levi's SS2010
The couturier re-interpreted the Levi's streetwear pieces in a 60ies secret-agent style with maritime stripes and punky bondage elements that could be inspired by skydiving. Blue and red, especially red, are signature colors in Jean Paul Gaultier's work...

The eyes of a fashion photographer on the manipulation of election ads; seen at F.C. Gundlach
The next German election is announced to be the country's first election which will be decided online. Let's have a look back to the 70ies through the eyes of one of Germany's most important living photographer and collector of photographic art, F.C. Gundlach to check how the voters manipulated the election promotions in their favor - or as revenge in former times...

The accentuation of the body in a sexy way; seen at Seiko Taki FW9/10
The Japanese born in Paris based designer Seiko Taki presented her fall/winter 2009/10 collection under the title 'Chic Dry Woman' at 080 Barcelona Fashion. The designer drives her inspiration mainly from music...

Cheap and chic; seen at the online-shop Quelle FW9/10
In July 2009, the international mail-order (founded 1927 in Germany) and online-shop Quelle presented the new trends for fall/winter 2009/10. The Quelle trend experts have selected pieces from labels such as Tom Taylor, Esprit, Levis, s. Oliver, Wrangler, Adidas, Puma, Nike and from the company's own labels Explorer, b.curved, Umberto Rosetti, Maria Bellesi, and Y.O.U under the aspect of three fashion themes...

Athletic movements in street art sceneries; seen at the work of Alex & Cocco
In July 2009, the photographer Alexander James and producer Elizabeth Cocco presented new images from their 'Particle Parkour' series. The works show athletes moving powerful through an urban scenery of graffiti and street art.

Do trends influence and change us personally and the society?; seen at the installation 'The Trend Is Your Friend'
'The Trend is your Friend' is one of the exhibited installations during the festival Steirischer Herbst in Austria. You are invited to a playful experience of the past, the present and the future and how to influence them. The interactive installation with sound by Peter Szely is about our environment and how it is shaped by fashion or the analysts of economic trends...

Water bottles and a mathematical theory; seen at the Sigg water bottles collection 2009
In 2009, the Swiss maker of reusable water bottles, Sigg presents an artful collection of over 100 new designs. One of the bottles is made of good, bad fortune and just everyday symbols. The symbols look on the first sight like flowers that form a butterfly; probably it is inspired by the prominent butterfly effect from the Chaos Theory which means as much that each of us influences through personal behaviour the system of the world...

Why fashion shopping has pushed the freedom of women; seen at an exhibition at the Wien Museum
Probably fashion shopping had done more for the freedom of women than we ever thought. At the end of the 19th century, women had experienced their benefits from the disinterest of men in shoes and dresses. One part of the exhibition at the Wien Museum is about department stores. You will learn that they become beloved by women because they had been some of the rare places where women were allowed to stay without male company. The exhibition runs until 1 November 2009...

The story plays at night in a web of gold and gemstones - the thread is burgundy colored; seen at Georges Chakra FW9/10
The Lebanese couturier Georges Chakra has shown his Haute Couture collection inspired by the glamorous 1920s fashion during the Paris Fashion Week. Imagine a woman - her body is captured in a spider web made of jewellery...

Glam punk sings up for individual beauty; heard at Beth Ditto and The Gossip
"We can play it safe, or play it cool, follow the leader, or make up all the rules, whatever you want, the choice is yours, So choose" sings glam punk Beth Ditto provoking the ones who still believe in standardized individuals. Beth Ditto, who won the Award for the best International Artist Of The Year 2008 by the magazine Glamour, has got attention by the feminist academic world...

The essence of modern men's wear is a Renaissance idea; seen at the men's wear by Takizawa Shigeru
Question: Takizawa Shigeru’s men’s fashion is strongly inspired by the Western European tradition. Isn’t this a very rare approach for a Japanese tailor?
Takizawa Shigeru: "Japanese government finally accepted the Western culture officially in the middle of 19th century. Until this time, Japan was in the isolation period, which the government has closed the door to all the foreign countries and almost none of the Western culture came in..."

Michalsky's mobile gadgets and his re-interpretation of the 20ies
On 3rd July 2009, German designer Michael Michalsky presented his label Michalsky with women's and men's wear for spring/summer 2010 under the title '1929 Revisited - The Great Depression Part 2' during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin. On the same day, Sony Germany launched the limited edition 'Mobile Summer Collection designed by Michalsky'...

Angel-like voice on orchestral string-rock arrangements; heard at Clare and The Reasons
The Brooklyn based group band (The Reasons) around songwriter/singer Clare Muldauer will come out with their second album 'Arrow' on 20 Oct 2009. Clare and The Reasons are touring since nearly 2 years in the UK, Europe, Japan and the US. At this time they are in France. The next concerts are scheduled for 17, 19, 23 July 2009. Check out the video 'Pluto'...

These trousers are practical for city-biking; seen at Kilian Kerner SS2010
Kilian Kerner shows short trousers in Marlene Dietrich style with male trousers inspired folds and pockets. You will find them in many other collections for SS10; they are a real highlight - especially if you love to bike and dress up female at the same time. Forget the annoying strip off skirts on a bike in 2010!

Song about cosmetic surgery; heard on the new album from the Swiss electronic musician, DJ, producer Zwicker aka Cyril Boehler, vocals Olivera Stanimirov
Olivera sings to the music and lyrics of Cyril: "You used to have two shinning eyes, big ideas and exciting plans, your behaviour sometimes radical, to impress your special friends. You felt the pressure rise, to make a sacrifice to fit in, be like everyone, you had some surgery, cosmetic energy, now your face is gone..."

Brand building techniques by using SEO; media alert by Fashionoffice, July 2009
Brand building lies in the hands of SEO specialists. Fashionoffice gives some advices how to make brands more worthy.
Through the last years, Fashionoffice has collected data from different sources to find out how the bespoken fashion and beauty labels, designers and artists benefit from the editorial articles online. Are there any measureable effects for public relations?

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