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fall/winter 2009/10

The Cocktail Dress

The cocktail look for fall/winter 2009/10 is inspired by Chris Corner's song 'Nature Of Inviting' from the IAMX album 'Kingdom of Welcome Addiction':

"Cause everything that you are,
is everything that is.
Survive the golden dreams you try to escape from,
It's the nature of inviting."

The track remembers melodies of Fad Gadget's electronic New Wave sound. The metallic beats vibrate in a warm, golden light through a dark blue night. Some of the beats shatter into radiating diamonds.

December is the hardest time for the ones who don't like socializing at cocktail parties. Dresses in elegant style, handbags with special decoration, jewellery that glitters are the keywords for the cocktail outfit. It's not easy to find a cocktail dress where you can stay yourself. But the ones who like to attend the party have to follow the clothing rules. That's the nature of inviting!

fig.: original from above (the pieces are from the fall/winter collections 2009/10 and/or available in fall 2009)

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