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Late-Fall Style 2009
by Urban Tool, Intimissimi, Diesel, Levi's, G-Star, Guerlain, Lolita Lempicka

The Boyfriend Look

Should I take his or mine?
The sexy look of 'just leaving his apartment in a hurry' is made of female and male-a-like pieces. The clou of the male-looking pieces is that they are enhancing the female figure with special cuts.

Let's start with the 'female' pieces which are significantly worn or used very close to the body such as lingerie, perfume, and lip-gloss. The handbag, especially the clutch, has to be count to this listing as it is mostly the porter of the female 'essentials'.

fig.: Giacca jacket by Geox, Guerlain KissKiss lipgloss, Midnight Fragrance by Lolita Lempicka, Levi's 501 for Women boyfriend cut, gum-boots by Diesel (photo: (C) Salamander, Juergen Hammerschmid), Urban Performer Unit by Urban Tool, Intimissimi bra and slip, G-Star checked skirt from the Bronco Range

Female look with 'male' attributed features inside

The second clou of the edgy style in fall/winter 2009 is to wear female looking pieces that provide male-attributed features. Such as on the photo above: the midnight-blue leather clutch is in real a Swarovski 'crystalized' IT tool. The Austrian mobile technology, fashion and sports label Urban Tool has named it 'urban performer unit'. The high-tech interface, also coded by Swarovski crystals, can be connected with iPods and iPhones and operates your devices. Several slots and pockets help you to store your devices (iPod, mobile, and other essentials).

Urban Tool was founded by the designers Sabrina Tanner and Anja Herwig together with the architect Kurt Tanner (the husband of Sabrina) in summer 2004. The idea of Urban Tool has its seeds in a female/male story: Sabrina Tanner created an individual bag for her husband Kurt Tanner in the year 2001 to carry along all his digital devices.

Today, the Urban Tool bags are carrying such female devices like the Guerlain KissKiss-lipgloss, packed especially for the coming holiday season in black lace.


Not only lip-glosses, even the flacons for perfumes like the Midnight Fragrance by Lolita Lempicka are decorated with lace that unveils the glass bottle. The scent fascinates with a toxic Liquorice-Flower mix. The story behind the scent: lovers who meet secretly enjoy thrilling desires. The red lace stands for the burning desire of the night, wild femininity and passion.

Lace that enhances the impression of nudity can be found traditionally on lingerie; but this year the designers have worked out the theme nudity stronger; such as on the Intimissimi bra and slip in black and cognac colored lace.


The lace-like snow crystals on the black gum boots from Diesel evoke another effect of visual layering that suggests 3-dimensionality with 'ice touch'.

The trend can be found on the dark blue Geox Giacca jacket too: the material has the 'glass touch' that brings supercooled deepness to the surface of the fabric. The textile is equipped with Geox' transpiration system.

'Male' pieces

The two most important male-a-like pieces are the Levi's 501 women jeans in boyfriend cut and the checked shirt by G-Star in Canadian style on this page.

The jeans are probably one of the most interesting pieces in this season. The boyfriend cut enhances the female figure with less textile around the back and smaller pockets in such a subtle way that it breaks unconsciously through the traditional patterns of our perception.

What makes the boyfriend style so sexy?

Probably the boyfriend look gets its sexiness from the fact that the 'feminisation' of male pieces tells the story of a woman and a man who are in love and don't want to miss each other.

But would men wear Girlfriend jeans? As long as there are no Girlfriend jeans on the market, man can use the boyfriend cut! Imagine him with crunchy back...


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