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Internet Insight by Karin Sawetz

Interview with the Ghostrockers from Mio Myo

In early November 2009, I found on my online searches for an article (Rockstone and Bootheel) about the West Indies and Contemporary West Indian Art videos about artworks under the Carribean sea on YouTube. The videos had been great; only the music on the artist's original videos were not inspiring. So I searched further and got one with a song from the Ghostrockers Mio Myo.

"time is passing by
open up your eyes
under water no breathing
mikey mouse and plastic money
panic at the fashion party
fire vs ice
the kids waiting outside.."

The music from Mio Myo makes the video's atmosphere coming alive. (Watch the video: The lifesized figures will help to re-generate the natural coral reef. In an interview underwater artist Jason deCaires describes the sculpture that shows 26 children in a circle how they will become slowly part of the undersea such as children grow into the upper world. "They take on the characteristics and personality of where they are.")

The voice and the sound captured my interest. The music opens space within the strings of common harmony. I found a MySpace site about the band which provides not much information. Are they Ghost Men? So I sent an email asking who they are.

Uwe Eger, frontman and writer of the lyrics, brings light into the band's history and activities:

In 2005, Mio Myo was founded by Uwe Eger (programming, voice, guitar) and Thomas Autenrieth
(bass) with Benni Pollach (programming/keys) who left the formation. Today, the band consists of the two founders Uwe Eger and Thomas Autenrieth who perform together with Anand Sivamalai (keys, synths) and Fatim Boutros (drums).

Mio Myo describes the music style Ghostrock as a playful mix of Indie-Rock, Electro, and Pop in the tradition of Radiohead, Portishead or Notwist.

At this time they are working on the band's third CD which will be released in December 2009. The CD will present a more energetic character than on previous MM recordings, whilst maintaining a thoughtfulness evident from the songs text.

Question: What's the title of the new CD?

Uwe Eger: "The CD has no definite title at this time. Everything is about knowing and the lack of knowledge. The quest for the intensity of the moment you wake up. The kind of surreal consciousness that resembles a state of hyper-reality. More than ever before it is about moving into new directions.

It is about the search for that kind of love that follows the belief that what had happened up to that point was nevertheless absolutely right.

Otherwise, I could not write a response like this. 'HYPER ROMANTIC LOVERS DATING IN HYPER REALITY' or "SUPER AWARENESS AT THE MOMENT OF BEING AWAKE" will be good titles for the album."

Video: 'Switch' by Mio Myo; directed by Dirk Soldner in 2008. In the same year, the band participated with 'Switch' at the online-voting of one of Germany's largest magazines 'Stern' and were awarded with the 'Stars of Tomorrow'.

The German film 'Mein Vogel fliegt schneller' (free translated: My Bird flies faster) uses a theme from Mio Myo's song 'Taxi' from the band's second album. The premiere happens in front of the team on 21st November 2009 at the Babylon Kino in Berlin.

In March 2010, Mio Myo will start the next tour; probably they will visit China again like they had done in April 2009

Question: What's the reason that Mio Myo likes China so much?
Uwe Eger: "China is a country full of contrasts. It's a high-cultivated society with old traditions, and one which has adjusted to the influence of western culture and economics. You can feel the changes on every corner. ... The power and magic of the exotic Chinese fashion of living is convincing."

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