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spring/summer 2010

Styling rules shoes/bags

In September 2009, the Viennese designer Roswitha Ruprechter presented the new spring/summer 2010 collection of her label Rose Beck (founded 1996). The designer who studied in the leather class at the Vienna Fashion School Hetzendorf creates bags like sculptures. For the next summer season, she has designed a collection of bags in many different sizes in the 'intelligent' colors strawberry red, black, beige and white.

Question: In your press release the new colors for Spring/Summer 2010 are described as ‘intelligent’ colors because they can be coordinated easily with both formal and casual wear. How important is the matching bag-shoes in elegant or formal wear?

Rose Beck: It is not important at all. In contrary, for the whole outfit contrasts could be necessary and a bag could give this contrast or highlight - no matter whether in formal or casual wear.

Question: Is it significant for casual wear that the shoes do not match with the bag?

Rose Beck: Yes, in casual wear it is significant that the shoes do not match with the bag. Cotton shoes, for example, are mixed with fine leather bags.

Question: When have the styling-rules shoes/bags in casual wear and formal wear broken up?

Rose Beck:
When ladys lost their interests in suits also the styling-rules of shoes/bags changed completely. Now, either the bags or the shoes are used to add a special note to the outfit. Don't highlight both of them.

Question: The white ‘Berlin’ bag looks like a balloon in the moment before he takes off from the ground. What's the idea behind? Why have you named the bag ‘Berlin’?

Rose Beck: The models of the sculpture line look like you just wrapped your personal belongings into leather and fixed them with strings. So the inside of the package determines the shape of the bags.
Creating this line, I thought of Christo and one of his works, the Reichstag in Berlin - this is how I got to the name.

fig.: Bag 'Berlin' by Rose Beck, spring/summer 2010

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