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Critical texts about making opinion

Video: 'IZ ON' by the German group Söhne Mannheims is the first track of their new album 'IZ On' (release in summer 2009).

On the video you can see Ralf Gustke, Andy Bayless and Xavier Naidoo with the 14 winners of the Söhne Mannheims casting 2009 'Söhne gesucht' ('Sons wanted') .

The critical texts about current politics are sung in German, English, and other languages to encourage people to make their own opinion, don't believe everybody, even not the musicians themselves because nobody is without faults, not the politicians, not the musicians.

A tour with the winners of the casting 2009 is planned; the official tour dates will be published on

On some more information can be found: Söhne Mannheims will perform on 10 July 2009 in Berlin,
1 November Nürnberg, 5 November Vienna, 30 November in Hamburg...öhne+Mannheims.


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