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spring 2010

Thinking 'Green' in fashion

"...the dat-player minidisc cd-rom. Book collection with an autographed James Joyce. Bio-diesel dirigible, ba-baby it's choice.... I got it all. Yes it's true. So why don't I have you..."
sings Chris Keating in 'Audacity Huge' on the Simian Mobile Disco album 'Temporary Pleasure'.

In December 2009, the spring/summer 2010 collections are already bespoken in fashion magazines, some of the pieces can be just found at the stores. During the same month, the Copenhagen Climate Conference is the main theme on channels worldwide. On the first sight, there seems to be no relation of the long-term climate changes (some of the effects will happen when most of us are already dead) and the short-term seasonal fashion changes. But everybody knows that reducing the emissions are only one step to make the world safe for the coming generations; not to forget that some of the effects shall occur already in the next 10 years. Even if the handful politicians will not reach the highest goals during the conference (and many say they will find good-bad compromises), the people have the power to make life greener; such as exercising daily 'Permanent Pleasure' against 'Temporary Pleasure'.

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Earthkeepers Sandals and Basic Regular Organic Denim Jeans by Timberland; SS2010.

“Don’t tell us it can’t be done” is the name of Timberland’s campaign on occasion of the United Nation’s Conference on Climate Change (COP15) in Copenhagen from 7 - 18 Dec 2009 where the standards for emissions will be set. The campaign’s aim is to make the public aware that they have voices that can be heard. Sign a petition, learn about other ways to address climate change or stay up-to-date with news from the conference on donttellusitcantbedone.

“It’s time for companies to look at the effect their business has on the environment and do something about it,” said Jeffrey Swartz, Timberland’s President and CEO. “If world leaders set the standards, businesses will find a way to innovate and make environmentally conscious products and profits at the same time. It can be done.”

Xingu high antioxidant prevention serum and cream by the natural cosmetics label Santaverde. Xingu is the name of a river that arises in the North-East of Brazil and flows into the Amazonas. The Xingu serum acts against light and sun damages of the skin. It helps to regenerate the collagen and elastine synthesis. Santaverde was founded by the German couple Kurt und Sabine Beer in 1986. They are cultivating the plants for the face/ body care and beauty food in Spain and Brazil.

Boss Orange was the most successful fragrance in Germany in summer 2009. The light, carefree fragrance opens with a burst of sweet apples; in the heart, the scent is composed of white flower notes and orange blossom. In the base, it is characterised by notes of sandalwood, olive wood and creamy vanilla. The seven stone structure of the flacon takes inspiration from the seven ‘chakras’ of the human body, with the fragrance juice serving as a metaphor for the energy which flows through them. “I love the bottle design and the concept behind it. The seven stones are based on the seven chakras which gives it a lovely spiritual element.” says Sienna Miller, the face of the fragrance.

Lingerie with comic print from the X-Mas collection 2009 of the Swedish brand Björn Borg.

The laptop case made of water resistant neoprene material by the Austrian label Urban Tool is available for 15" or 13".

Vitamin C Lip Smoothie by Clinique. Brand new by the end of 2009; some countries have to wait until 2010. The 'volumizer' for the lips is made of natural vitamins and minerals form fruits like the Acai Berry from the Brazilian Rain Forest. Vitamin C boosts naturally the biosynthesis of collagen; and collagen makes the volume of the lips!

Organizer 'Domino Snake' in bronze by Filofax.

Sun protection cap by adidas spring/summer 2010.

2 pocket work shirt in white/red by Levi's SS2010.


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