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spring/summer 2010

Three ideas to the Zeitgeist 2010

"Elle habite Paris. Elle fait penser à une Feist du Nord.' has written Perrin Jean-Pierre in his from 2007 about the Australian, now in Paris living musician Micky Green.

Almost 2 years and two albums later in December 2009, the musician is one of the selected personalities of the fashion and beauty business.

  1. Inspired by Micky Green, Sebastian Professional describes the 'new woman' with the keywords fearless, creative, unique.
  2. For Levi's - to continue the idea of the new woman, the free mind and expression of the own opinion are symptoms of our society that are reflected by fashion.
  3. Living without boundaries is another sign of the society in 2010 which is especially a theme for the marketing of fashion like Gucci has realised on its networking site. The consciousness that earth itself in real does not have borders and that state borders do not affect earth, forces this trend.

And what will the 'new woman' in 2010 wear? Probably men's sunglasses, very sexy high heels, a worker's shirt, a male inspired sportive jacket that enhances her femininity...

fig.: original clockwise, starting with the...

Gucci men's sunglasses spring/summer 2010. The aviator design with a double bridge is inspired by the 80ies. Gucci has different symbols: the knight who carries the luggage (introduced in the 1950ies), the horsebit and horse nail (60ies), and the green-red-green stripe such as on the glasses on this page. The stripe has in the house of Gucci a name that inspired the idea of Gucci's networking site: 'Web'. The logo for men is the 'G', for women the 'GG'. The networking site was created upon the idea of 'reflecting and connecting' off- and online by Gucci's art director Frida Giannini and launched in mid-October 2009.

Triangle bikini 'Just Magic - Navy Flair' by Palmers spring/summer 2010.

Checked short without sleeves for women by Levi's spring/summer 2010. Photo: (C) Andreas Achmann More about the motto of the collection 'Free your Mind and Speak up'.

Jeans by Diesel spring/summer 2010.

Microweb Fiber by Sebastian Professional. The styling product is an elastic texturizer for long and middle-long hair from the Texture Collection by the California headquartered brand Sebastian Professional. The product was launched in October 2009 with a campaign starring musician Micky Green (watch the video above). The campaign is the product of the research under the title 'Who's Next?' of the creative heads from Sebastian who are developing new trends for tools, techniques and fashion styles.

Video: T.L. (teaser) by Micky Green for the new album 'Honky Tonk' that will be released in the beginning of 2010. For Sebastian, the Australian now in Paris living model and musician Micky Green represents the 'Who's Next?' visionary style made of individuality, talent and courage. On the website, the musician is described in the headline of the video portrait with interview, pictures from the photo shoot and music tracks from Micky Green's album 'White T-shirt' as "fearless musical muse. electrifying the fashion scene. creative beyond compare.". Asked by Sebastian about the personal style icon, Micky Green answered: "Jane Birkin (in the '70s), Carine Roitfeld, Juliette Lewis". According to, Micky Green has written most of her songs on a notebook. Her first demos had been recorded on her computer.

Shoes by H&M 2010. Available only in January and February 2010.

Bag by adidias spring/summer 2010.

Red jacket by Museum spring/summer 2010.

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