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Puppet and Puppeteer
Charity photo project
initiated by Tiberius for 'Doctors for Disabled'
5 Nov to 2 Dec 2009
Showroom 53, Vienna

Vienna's fashion scene at a charity

On 4 November 2009, the Viennese fetish fashion store Tiberius has invited to the exhibition 'Puppet and Puppeteer' showing the works of 6 photographers for the charity project 'Doctors for Disabled' at the new - now very hip location in Vienna, the Showroom 53.

Showroom 53 is a former studio and education center of a wellknown hair stylist. Since September 2009, the fashion scene uses the two floors for chic exhibitions, cool parties, trendy photo shootings - for everything that is fashionable. In other words: at this time it is 'the location'. Obvious, that the cult boutique for 'accessories and toys for a fulfilled day dream' has chosen to held the party there.

In the early 90ies Karl Ammerer has opened the Tiberius boutique in the Lindengasse, Vienna. Since 2004, Tiberius produces own collections, designed by the Columbian (Bogota) born and now in Vienna living Marcos Valenzuela - a trained opera singer.

Additionally, the fetish store is known for other initiatives like - in the meanwhile legendary - books. This year, owner Karl Ammerer and Marcos Valenzuela had the idea to work on 'Puppet and Puppeteer'. The exhibition was introduced with the words that ‘...puppets get moving with puppet players; and vice versa. This is what most of the people think. But at Tiberius everything is different.’

The 6 Viennese photographers, Petra Benovsky, Konrad Limbeck, Martin Siebenbrunner, Susanne Spiel, Wolfgang Zajc, and Tina Herzl, have provided each 5 photographs for the book. Tiberius collects with this book money for the charity initiative ‘Doctors for Disabled’.

fig.: Musician Peter Legat is guitarist, composer, and mastermind of the Austrian Jazz formation Count Basic. He stands in front of an image by Tina Herzl.

fig. (original): Designer Thomas Kirchgrabner on 4 Nov 2009 at the Tiberius exhibition 'Puppet and Puppeteer'. Thomas Kirchgrabner's career started with the Ringstrassen Galerien Award in 2006 when he was awarded with the prize for the best design for dressing „A Fairy Tale of a Metropolitan Dandy“. Since July 2007 Kirchgrabner designs for the Fur Couture House Liska in Vienna. He is one of Vienna's design-shooting stars.

fig. (original): Photographer Jürgen Hammerschmied in front of an image by Tina Herzl on 4 Nov 2009 at the Tiberius exhibition 'Puppet and Puppeteer'. Jürgen Hammerschmied has assisted photographers like Mario Testino and Inge Prader. He captures almost every important fashion event; only on this day, he had a day-off and experienced how it is in front of the camera.

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