MUSIC PRE-LISTEN by Karin Sawetz, September 2011

Pre-listen to the new album 'Batman'

In mid September 2011, I was asked to pre-listen to the songs of the new album 'Batman - Arkham City' (release 4 Oct) for giving feedback.

Music is a question of personal taste, consequently following ranking is a subjective statement and probably you will have a completely different opinion about the best songs on this album.


I prefer the dark-experimental-rock songs

Possibly you prefer harder rock music; the 'Batman - Arkham City' track 'Deranged' by Coheed and Cambria premiered yesterday on - listen yourself.

fig. original: Album cover 'Batman - Arkham City', release 4 October 2011.

The musicians had been inspired by the video game for their contributions. More about the video game 'Batman - Arkham City'.

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