1 November 2011 - Short Message

New #geography data: the magazine #Fashionoffice in October 2011

New geography data for the magazine Fashionoffice in October 2011. The discrepancies between the statistics of Doubleclick and Quantcast could probably be caused by the storage of content on servers of other providers. For example (page views/impressions): today 57,22% Germany are counted by Quantcast (which fits to the data over the last month of 61,68% Germany); and from 1 to 31 October, Doubleclick measured 5,02% Germany. Or with other words: 56,66% of the traffic from Germany counted by Quantcast are not visible for Doubleclick - what means that 99% of the German traffic is not visible for Doubleclick. (Note: page views and impressions are from the quality of the data the same.) Fashionoffice has already reported about the measured statistical bias on mediainfo6-2011.htm.

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