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Spontaneous dance/guitar/bicycle performance Rob Conlazo and Cecilia Bengolea (watch the video). The dance moves of French-Argentinean Cecilia Bengolea look like a new style of 'Voguing' - her poses would fit quite well for the camera of a fashion photographer.

The dance style 'Voguing' was created in the 60s by the gay community in Harlem/New York - the word Voguing refers to the fashion magazine Vogue and the poses of the models in front of the camera.

In August 2011, Cecilia Bengolea appears on stage as one of the dancers in the performances 'Twenty Looks or Paris is Burning at The Judson Church" during the Impulstanz Festival in Vienna with the provocative question: "What would have happened, if someone from the colourful Voguing scene from Harlem would have come downtown to meet the pioneers of Postmodern Dance at Judson Church Theatre in the early 60ies?" Choreographer Trajal Harrell examines through the codes of Voguing our desire to become someone else.

More information about the performances 'Twenty Looks or Paris is Burning at The Judson Church' on 4, 7 and 14 August on

fig. original: Trajal Harrell (US). Twenty Looks - Paris is Burning at The Judson Church (XS). Photo: (C) Antoine Tempé.

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