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28 Feb 2011 - Cate Blanchett: her clothing at Oscar Night and her new action movie
Yesterday, Cate Blanchett appeared in French white-rose high fashion and vintage jewellery at the Annual Academy Awards in Los Angeles. In her new action movie (music by the Chemical Brothers), she plays a red-headed evil CIA agent...

28 Feb 2011 - Shoe designer inspired by music
Giuseppe Zanotti worked as DJ before he started in the 1980s to design women's shoes, in the 90s he founded his own label and bought the Vicini shoe factory. Recently, the shoe designer of stars from the music bizz presented the new FW2011/12 collection during Milan Fashion Week...

28 Feb 2011 - Singer, guitarist Anna Calvi interprets Elvis Presley's song 'Surrender'
'Surrender' is the b-side of the upcoming single 'Blackout' (21 March). 'Blackout' ( is published on Anna Calvi's self-titled album (release on 1st March in US - digitally since 17 Jan). Elmore Magazine has probably found the best description for Anna Calvi's music: "Think Nick Cave, if he wore stilettos." Anna Calvi is on tour: 8 + 9 + 10 March in New York, 11 March Toronto, 17 March Austin, TX...

28 Feb 2011 - Hongkong based designer Ika Butoni's 'Butterfly Momma' FW2011/12 collection
...centers around the traditional symbol of the butterfly which stands in the culture of the Miao People (linguistic group, especially located in South West China) for the creation of life. Indonesia born, Hongkong based Ika Butoni re-interprets the folkloristic clothing of the Miao People who use the rich weavings, embroideries, batik-colorings as carriers for history and emotions. The very extravagant headwear consists of hair that is wrapped around animal long-horns.

...begins the imaginary road trip, underlaid with hypnotic involving drums which speed up, synchronized with the bold black fonts on the screen. The web-art work 'Dakota' (2002) by the Seoul based art duo Young-hae Chang Heavy Industries (US-American Marc Voge, Korean Young-hae Chang) hijacks the internet user to a trip without concrete location. Through March, the pioneers of web-art (late 1990s) Young-hae Chang Heavy Industries are guests at the Asia Art Archive in Hongkong. "AAA's Residency Programme encourages new readings of the physical material in the Archive, and offers arts practitioners the chance to work with material outside their usual concentrations, and to develop projects around the idea of the 'archive'."

27 Feb 2011 - 'The Wilhelm Scream' by electronic musician James Blake (release 7 March)
The website opens with the new video 'The Wilhelm Scream' (directed by Alexander Brown, who is known for his artwork for La Roux's covers) showing the London based musician in a watery/airy/dreamy diffluent imaginary. The second video on the opening page of James Blake's site is the video 'Limit To Your Love' - great song!

26 Feb 2011 - For the following fashion and beauty products you will need good nerves!
Some of Nicola Costantino's works are not for bad nerves like a male nipples corset or a soap made of the artist's own body fat...

26 Feb 2011 - English version of the French song 'Soulman' by Ben L'Oncle
...from the debut album 'Ben l'Oncle Soul' (released in 2010); the English version of the song 'Soulman' premiered recently. Benjamin Duterde aka Ben L'Oncle (the name is derived from Uncle Ben's rice which shows an African-American man on the packaging) appears in his retro-styled videos in 1950/60s American fashion pieces. Ben L'Oncle is on tour: today in Brussels (BE), 5 March Genève (FR), 6 March Luxembourg (LU)...

25 Feb 2011 - Art video: 'Counting to 150,000' by Takeshi Moro (2008) an analogy to the life of real people and anonymous statistics. The Japanese born, in UK raised, and currently in Chicago living artist references with this video to Hiroshima in 1945. Now, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago announces the exhibition of Takeshi Moro's visitor-interactive performance installation 'Pedestal for Apology' from 4 March - 27 March. "I am interested in how gestures can be a catalyst for self-expression and self-reflection," says Takeshi Moro

25 Feb 2011 - On occasion of the 25th anniversary of Pixar Animation Studio: short film 'Luxo Jr.' (1986)
The computer animated story about the little lamp, directed by John Lasseter, received an Oscar nomination in the category 'Best Short Film' and marks the beginning of a new era. Pixar-productions like Oscar-awarded 'Toy Story' (in 1995 the first full-length computer animated movie in the history of film), 'Finding Nemo' (2003), 'Ratatouille' ( 2007)... to name a few, followed. Now - 40 Oscar nominations, 9 Oscar awards, 7 Golden Globes later, Pixar (belongs since 2006 to Walt Disney) announces that the new movie 'Cars 2' will come into cinemas worldwide in summer 2011. Trailers are published on

25 Feb 2011 - Mango's new face footballer Gerard Piqué in a making of video
...for the spring/summer 2011 campaign, photographed in Barcelona by Francesco Carrozzini.

25 Feb 2011 - Milan fashion and a car
On the opening day of the Milan Fashion Week, the Fiat 500 was presented in a new interpretation by the Italian label Gucci.

24 Feb 2011 - FC Barcelona defender in fashion
Recently, Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué became even for non-football addicts a person of interest; finally after he began dating musician Shakira. Now, Mango announces to collaborate with Gerard Piqué...

24 Feb 2011 - French electronic musician/producer Joakim provides music to a fashion party
The hyperlink was sent by Vice Magazine together with the invitation to a fashion after party with the special music guest Joakim on 5 March at Club Take 5 in Vienna. The party's fashion event happens on 4 and 5 March in Suite 725 at Le Meridien, where adidas will pop up an 'Originals by Originals' store

23 Feb 2011 - 'Satellite' by the alternative punk-rock duo The Kills
'Satellite' is the first single from the new album 'Blood Pressures', release in April (Domino Records). The video is posted by the music, film, interactive conference and festival event, which announces on its YouTube channel the band 'The Kills' as showcasing artists at the next SXSW from 11 to 20 March 2011 in Austin, Texas (US).

23 Feb 2011 - Wrestlers, boxers and martial arts
The 10th years anniversary edition of footwear and apparel for women and men was presented at the Yohji Yamamoto Homme FW2011/12 defilé during Paris Fashion Week in February 2011.

23 Feb 2011 - Video showing boardsports fashion
Nice to look at!

23 Feb 2011 - Streaming of the new album 'Never Be Content' by the three members band Innerpartysystem
The melodious synthesized-electronic songs of the album 'Never Be Content' premiered on 22 Feb (Red Bull Records) at #1 on the iTunes Electronic Albums Chart. Innerpartysystem is on US-tour: today San Francisco, 25 Feb Los Angeles, 26 Feb Las Vegas...

23 Feb 2011 - Re-listen: 'Ruby Baby' by the American singer-songwriter 'Dion' Francis DiMucci a song that plays in the heads of the Austrians in the days before Opernball on 3rd March at the Vienna State Opera - probably because TV editors love to mix the song 'Ruby Baby' with images from Berlusconi's Ruby (now 18 years old), who is the guest at the ball and heats up the discussion about good manners. Would be Berlusconi a better guest? Ruby looks nicer!

22 Feb 2011 - Holly Fulton, Christopher Kane, Erdem at London Fashion Week
The video by the high-end store chain Matches in cooperation with Mercedes-Benz provides an insight into the London Fashion Week (18 - 22 Feb); especially on the collections of Holly Hunter, who is known for her colorful prints and jewellery - the designer cooperated last year with Swarovski for the SS2011 collection; the Scottish Christopher Kane - a graduate from Central Saint Martins, who shows partly very sexy pieces alongside to elegant pattern mixes; and Erdem - he has already won the British Fashion Council award...

22 Feb 2011 - Holiday Style
Holidays are the time to break with the usual. Insofar, holidays can happen everywhere and anytime. But it's easier for example under a warm sun on the beach. Fashionoffice has collected some pieces for the holiday style 2011.

22 Feb 2011 - 'Young Pros' by the garage-rock duo Bass Drum of Death
The single 'Young Pros' by John (guitar, vocals) and Colin (drums) from Mississippi just premiered online. Now, they are announcing the release of the debut album 'GB City' on 12 April. "The songs are about drugs, trying to make it with religious girls, panic attacks, stealing stuff, mild to severe depression, Elvis appearing in your dreams and giving you advice, gravity bongs and the devil living inside your brain. This record is the soundtrack playing in your head when you're fucked up and walking home in the middle of the night."

21 Feb 2011 - Fall/winter 2011/12 at the Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week (18 - 23 February)
Keywords that describe the collections by the Spanish designers on the first view: elegant minimalistic, sculptural draperies.

21 Feb 2011 - How much costs living in Austria? Insight by publisher Karin Sawetz, February 2011
Today, I would say 'too much' as I am forced by the Austrian law to ask other media houses for a job, otherwise...

20 Feb 2011 - 'Tagged' by the artist Julika Rudelius
The video 'Tagged' from 2003 by German born, in Amsterdam and New York living multimedia artist Julika Rudelius shows young men who are speaking about the clothes they wear, the labels and why it is important for them. The fashion addicted artist explores social structures, identity, power. One more recent work, 'Dressage' from 2009 about young girls of New York's high society, is part of the nomadic video screening box which is hosted by museums worldwide; from 25 Feb to 1 May on view at Art Sonje in Seoul (Korea)

19 Feb 2011 - Motor sport addicts
In February 2011, motor sport fans become interested in political news...

19 Feb 2011 - 'Mexican Mavis' by Boy & Bear
The folk songs by the Australian band Boy & Bear are harmonious and quite good to relaxe while listening. Rolling Stone Australia wrote "...harmonies that are smoke, not sugar." The band is named a 'hotly-tipped export' of Australia's music scene. Now, the band announces a concert tour in Texas (US) After the tour, Boy & Bear will produce with Joe Chiccarelli (My Morning Jacket, The White Stripes) their debut album which will be released later in 2011.

19 Feb 2011 - Re-listen: 'Black Tambourine' by Beck from the album 'Guero' (2005)
The album 'Guero' (guero means in Mexican something like 'Hey blonde, what's happening?') by the Los Angeles based musician Beck features prominent co-stars like Jack White (The White Stripes) or Money Mark (Beastie Boys). The song 'Black Tambourine' was used in David Lynch's psycho-thriller 'Inland Empire' (2006) with Laura Dern, Jeremy Irons... in a story about a blonde actress' perception of reality.

18 Feb 2011 - Agence France-Presse special channel 'Paris Modes' at New York Fashion Week
...provides insights into shows like the one of Diesel Black Gold, accompanied by an interview with designer Sophia Kokosalaki who remodelled historical styles that reach back to the antique over 18/19th to 21st century fashion by following the idea 'the heroes in our past' for rock'n'roll biker outfits.

18 Feb 2011 - New music video for the song 'Victory' by the US band Trampled by Turtles
The video's stop-motion photography by director Justin Gustavison evoked an unexpected result, tells Erik Berry (mandolin, vocals)

18 Feb 2011 - Do YOU understand all the artists? the question that is answered by Charles Esche (director of the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven and researcher on the relationship between artistic and curatorial production) in the video. Esche distinguishes between understanding the language of art and experiencing its meaning. Now, the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London launches the art historical research program 'MRes (Masters of Research) Art: Exhibition Studies' (Sept 2011), which will be led by Charles Esche

18 Feb 2011 - Installations of a library and a sport stadium in a gallery?
Seen at the exhibition 'Rumba Muerta' with sketches and three installations by the art group 'Los Carpinteros' from Cuba at the Sean Kelly Gallery in New York (unitl 19 March). One of the installations is inspired by the PanAmerican game stadium in Havana, especially its lights as reminder of observation in totalitarian regimes, another one is the prison alike readingroom 'Sala de Lectura Ovalada', which is about the control of individuals and information; the third installation shows musical instruments melting on the ground...

18 Feb 2011 - Old books and sport?
The coincidence of two themes that appear very rarely together: old books and sport, realised on pieces of a new collection that will be presented in the next weeks in London and Paris.

18 Feb 2011 - In contemporary art, the material object is the manifestation of an idea
...nothing more, according to the video that introduces into today's art from the market view. Now, Sotheby's Institute of Art presents online courses that provide insights into 'the 50 Billion USD Art World' with experts like bankers, gallerists to international art lawyers

17 Feb 2011 - Singer and fashion icon Micky Green in spring 2011 campaign
Micky Green in front of the camera of Barcelona based photographer Nico whose name is mentioned online in relation to glam-glossy magazines like Harper's Bazaar or Vogue.

17 Feb 2011 - Power Has a Fragrance the title of the exhibition of the Norwegian, in New York and Tokyo living Gardar Eide Einarsson at the Bonniers Konsthall (16 Feb - 12 June) in Stockholm (SE). His installations, images, sculptures center on the often invisible (like fragrance) structures of 'authority' in our world of mediated images and the possible evocation of paranoia. The artist uses historical as well as contemporary sources like graffiti, skateboard culture, or the internet and uses their signs as mediators for messages in the art space.

17 Feb 2011 - 'Out Of Our Minds' by Katie Costello
...who is compared to musicians like Fine Frenzy, Adele, Regina Spektor. 'Out Of Our Minds' is from the singer/songwriter's new 12 tracks album 'Lamplight' (Tiny Tiny Records, release on 22 Feb). Fashionoffice received the info with the words: "Upon third and fourth and fifth listen, the record comes together in the same way every great album does, in the moments when you find yourself on an empty street, iPod blasting as you dance recklessly along in the rain doing bell kicks over puddles, happily sheltered under a big black umbrella or when you find yourself on the subway, alone, singing along, out loud."

17 Feb 2011 - 'Mary Jane' by the German blues-rock-punk band Secret Basement
The music by the three members band is a mix of John Lee Hooker, Nirvana, The White Stripes. Secret Basement will perform today at the Sage Club in Berlin.

16 Feb 2011 - A sunny, rainy day on a scooter
Fashionoffice collected some items for a ride on a scooter to the coast for a barefoot run in the sand.

16 Feb 2011 - Sports fashion product manager talks about his work
Andrea Moro is the head of product at Stone Island. The video by the Italian brand provides an insight into the work of the product manager.

16 Feb 2011 - Artist explores the female body
The video portrays New York based artist Mika Rottenberg and shows sequences from her video installation 'Squeeze', which is about women as objects of desire. Now, the De Appel Boys' School (Amsterdam, NL) exhibits from 12 March to 8 May 'Mika Rottenberg - Dough cheese squeeze and tropical breeze. Video works 2003-2010'. "Exceptional women, such as the powerful Heather Foster, the sizeable Queen Raqui ('Her body Utterly Amazing, Her agility astounding'), and the super-tall erotic model 'Bunny Glamazone', become absurd characters who use their bodies as production machines in the colourful films by the New York-based artist Mika Rottenberg."

16 Feb 2011 - A film director's view on a scenery on occasion of a Vogue Italia photo shooting
John Christopher Pina is the director of the Vogue Italia movie with views on the location and scenery on occasion of an editorial shooting for the photo story 'Coterie' (means 'clique' or a small group of persons) from Sept 2009. Pina has worked already for brands like Pepsi, Nike, Red Bull or musicians such as Kanye West, John Legend. Now, his new video for the song 'OMFG' by the Brooklyn-native Birmingham electronic-pop band Deluka is published online

16 Feb 2011 - Trailer for the new album 'Speak Through the White Noise' by The New Regime
...directed by Los Angeles based John David Moffat who has mashed old black/white film and TV news material with scenes that show 22 year old musician Ilan Rubin singing about reality. Rubin has founded The New Regime in 2007 as a One-Man band - he plays all instruments by himself. Even the new album is entirely written, sung and played by Ilan Rubin (release date digitally 5 April, physically 26 April).

15 Feb 2010 - Industrial designer speaks about his profession
The video portrays German industrial designer Konstantin Grcic - recently awarded in Miami with the 'Designer of the Year 2010'. Fashionoffice just received the announcement that Konstantin Grcic will create the tote bag for the Pavilion of Turkey at La Biennale di Venezia (4 June – 27 Nov, Italy).

15 Feb 2011 - Trends in 2011 for women
The video by H&M gives an insight into the trends that had been elaborated for the coming season with additional statements from fashion editors. The men's wear trend guide is published on

15 Feb 2011 - Artist about producing experiences
In Bangkok (Thailand) living artist Surasi Kusolwong speaks in the video about his intention of making art what lies not primarily in producing objects but in the production of experiences. Now, he is announced to be one of the artists of the exhibition 'Play Van Abbe Part 4: The Pilgrim, the Tourist, the Flaneur (and the Worker)' from 26 Feb - 20 August at the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven (NL), which invites in this show visitors to change their roles and get this way new perspectives on the art works during their journey through the museum. "Roles are never fixed and visitors can change them during their visit, or revisit rooms in a new character."

15 Feb 2011 - City wanderers
Fashionoffice collected some pieces for a men's city biker style that is inspired by music and various times and places.

14 Feb 2011 - 'Call Me' feat. Skye by Paris based Nouvelle Vague
...from the album 'Hollywood Mon Amour'. Nouvelle Vague producer Marc Collin has rearranged on the album songs from '80s movies with vocals by Juliette Lewis, Cibelle, Yael Naim...

14 Feb 2011 - Rock 'n' Roll inspired fashion visuals
Two time Grammy Award winner Dave Matthews appears as a One-Man band with Coco the monkey on his shoulders in the new SS2011 campaign of men's wear designer John Varvatos (received already three times the American Fashion Award by the CFDA). John Varvatos is known for his Rock 'n' Roll inspired visuals since he has founded the own label in 2000. In fall 2010, the 10 years anniversary campaign featured 39 musicians like Franz Ferdinand, Perry Farrell, Cheap Trick, Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop...

14 Feb 2011 - Re-interpretations of signature visual appearances of musicians
...on t-shirts.

14 Feb 2011 - Romance as an interplay between 'hard' and 'soft' announced to be presented at the fashion show by the fetish inspired fashion label Tiberius on 14 March at the Vienna Awards. The catwalk video was produced by (fashion, art, music) accompanied by an interview with Tiberius designer Marcos Valenzuela-Abril, who answers to the question what he wanted to express with his last collection: "Romanticism and sexiness belong together."

13 Feb 2011- 'Parachute' by US singer/songwriter Ingrid Michaelson
The video shows the singer/writer flying into space and landing somewhere on a planet with a green plant. Fashionoffice got the invitation to "grab a box of chocolates and spend this Valentine’s day with Ingrid Michaelson" at the online chat and performance live from New York

13 Feb 2011 - Moebius' line dances to electronic music and creates the futuristic-vintage space-aviator Lady Malvina
The French comic strip artist Jean Giraud alias Moebius publishes this and other videos on occasion of the exhibition 'Transe-Forme' at the Fondation Cartier (until 13 March). The exhibition is focusing on the theme metamorphosis and the environment. On 28 Feb, evolutionary biologist Hervé Le Guyader will meet Moebius to speak about "observe and comment upon - from your scientific perspective (rationality necessarily being put to the test) - the fantastic wildlife of the animals on Mars."

13 Feb 2011 - The eyes of journalists
Is it possible for wide-spreading publishers to identify for example a 'Kill Switch' or partly shut-offs of internet functionalities?

13 Feb 2011 - 'Tron: Legacy' actress about privacy in the new technological age
Just received the hyperlink to Flaunt Magazine's interview with Olivia Wilde who starred recently in the movie 'Tron: Legacy'. The interview was held on occasion of a photo-video shoot for Diesel in an art installation in Los Angeles that tells the story of a psychoanalyst who experimented with drugs. The video with Olivia Wilde in the trippy house (The Buck House by architect Schindler) is published on

12 Feb 2011 - T-shirt invention shown on a man with a lion and a woman as the laughing dompteur (?)
...seen at the new SS2011 campaign video of the UK urban sportswear brand Bench.

12 Feb 2011 - "People are natural hackers"
...says Jane and shows how old things can be improved by creative users. The video is posted on the blog of the new Masters of Fine Arts program 'Collaborative Design' at Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA, Oregon, US), which is starting the first lectures in Fall 2011. On the blog, the faculty and its guests are publishing material about collaborative design, design ecologies, systems thinking and cultural entrepreneurship from around the web like information about 'food-design-culture', a Pecha Kucha presentation about what public design is, a video about a bicycle re-cycling project...

11 Feb 2011 - 'Digital Love' by Bronze Radio Return
...from the album 'Old Time Speaker' (2009). Now, the US band announces the release of the new album 'Shake! Shake! Shake!' (29 March) with a video that gives insight into their work

11 Feb 2011 - Bloggers in Egypt a story by GEO Magazine with images contributed by English photojournalist Anastasia Taylor-Lind who has received already several awards for her work like by The Guardian, Canon Italy, or Deutsche Bank. Now, Taylor-Lind was selected as one of the winners of the 2011 FNAC grants for original photography (FNAC belongs to the PPR group - Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Sergio Rossi, Boucheron...) for her reports on the life of female members of the armed forces in Russia and Crimea. Her photographic work will be presented at the next Visa Pour l’Image-Perpignan international festival of photojournalism (27 Aug - 11 Sept) and will travel later to FNAC photo galleries in France.

11 Feb 2011 - "Where did you find black orchids in Manhattan?" asks Poison Ivy
...US designer Christian Siriano in an interview. The design phenomenon of today's 'reality' media age presented yesterday in New York the new FW2011/12 collection...

10 Feb 2011 - Mobile Library containers by the Chinese artist Jaffa Lam Laam. The Mobile Library containers are made of recycled umbrella fabrics, rice bags and manufactured by sewers from the Hong Kong Women Workers' Association. Jaffa Lam Laam has designed the containers to treat the books like seeds "in a metaphorical plant". Now, the Asia Art Archive (Hong Kong, China) travels with the project 'Open Edit: Mobile Library' to Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) where visitors are invited to interact with the books in unconventional ways (re-interpret the information by applying notes or even tearing out pages) between 24 February and 9 April 2011 at the contemporary art space and reading room Sàn Art.

10 Feb 2011 - Amor 2.0 study shows that 36% re-sell the gifts from the ex
Just received an information from about a study that gives insight into the behaviour of consumers. One of the results is that 36% of the Austrians (whose relationship came to an end) are trying to re-sell the gifts from the ex-partner as fast as possible - especially around emotional days like Valentine's Day, which also affects the auction platform.

10 Feb 2011 - Love-chemistry scanner application
...for Android. Fashionoffice has just received the tip by Sony Ericsson for Valentine's Day on 14 Feb. (Note: the cost-free app is for entertainment only!)

10 Feb 2011 - Re-listen: '320' by 'Project Jenny, Project Jan' from the album XOXOXOXOXO (2007)
The electronic dance beats with vintage layering come from music programmer Sammy Rubin, the experimental melodious voice is contributed by Jeremy Haines. If you don't understand everything what he sings, the beginning of the lyrics of the song about paranoia is like a 'secret code' - you can read the lyrics on Now, the indie rockers' album release of 'Home Sweet Home' is announced for 5th April. "... a download code of Home Sweet Home will be available to anyone that purchases PJPJ merch via the band’s website and at live shows. Each composition, from liner notes, to t-shirts, to press photos and the visual elements that are part of every performance, is designed by them or by people they admire, as an interpretation of the music."

10 Feb 2011 - Fashion that survives more than one season
Fashionoffice has collected some pieces that are following the sustainable design concept of staying in fashion longer than one season...

9 Feb 2011 - 'Inserts in Real Time' by artist Dora Garcia about on- and offline realities
The online presentation of the work 'Inserts in Real Time' by the Spanish artist Dora Garcia consists of several chapters that are inspired by our multimedia-world questioning today's power structures and its rules: 'Proxy' references to the technical device that storages information and is used as a sort of 'time-machine' that can transfer the past into the present, or 'The Possible' is showing keywords which can be combined to create a sound-atmosphere of different situations. Now it's announced that Dora García represents Spain at the Venice Biennale (4 June - 27 Nov). "Dora Garcia is an artist who is interested in analyzing the paradigms and conventions of art, and who has frequently challenged notions of power and the way in which it operates. Her work is also directed at demystifying the relationship between artist and audience, and using fiction to question the ethical and moral elements of this relationship." says Katya García-Antón, curator of the Spanish Pavilion.

8 Feb 2011 - Additional functionality of a corsage; Spring-Sight by publisher Karin Sawetz
I ride on my bicycle the whole year through; only the motorbike is out of use on cold winter days...

8 Feb 2011 - The eye of the camera
Behind the scenes, the ones who are posing for the camera are still looking nicer than the rest..

8 Feb 2011 - New video for 'Patience' by Nas and Damian Marley
...from the album 'Distant Relatives' directed by the Australian in Los Angeles living director and photographer Nabil Elderkin, whose client list includes Nike, Coca Cola, Rolling Stone, Paramount Pictures, MTV...

7 Feb 2011 - Making-of the short film with French actress Josephine de la Baume
...who is starring in the new Agent Provocateur spring/summer 2011 campaign. Josephine de la Baume, Agent Provocateur creative director Sarah Shotton and director Johan Renk speak in the making-of video about the 60/70s inspired collection and the idea behind the campaign, which combines sex, playfulness and humour. The campaign movie 'Watching Josephine' is shot with a 'voyeuristic camera'

7 Feb 2011 - Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable
...on the film set, photographed by Inge Morath is one of the images of the exhibition 'Magnum am Set' at the Museum Moderner Kunst Wörlen Passau (until 27 March, DE). The famous agency 'Magnum' was founded in 1947. Since the beginning, the Magnum photographers such as Robert Capa - a friend of Ingrid Bergmann, Billy Wilder, have captured film sets in Hollywood - and made them legendary. The Magnum images have defined what we still have in our mind when we think of stars like Montgomery Clift, James Dean, Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe, John Wayne...

7 Feb 2011 - Shooting Stars of the European Film
...such as Clara Lago have inspired the Madrid (ES) based design label Peseta for a special series of backpacks for the 14th edition of Shooting Stars in collaboration with the European Film Promotion on occasion of the next Berlinale (10 - 20 Feb, Berlin, DE). "This is the first time we make a classic backpack bag (convertible into a backpack or a shoulder bag with two movements) for a collaboration but we are really happy with the result."

7 Feb 2011 - Clip with Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher from the new movie 'No Strings Attached'
The movie 'No Strings Attached' comes in February into cinemas in Europe, Asia, South America. The love story is about a woman and a man who know each other from youth. After years without any contact, they meet and love is flaming again. As Emma Kurtzman (Natalie Portman) is working hard in her job as a medic, she has no time for a close relationship and prefers 'sex without breakfast'...

7 Feb 2011 - Swimwear designer Amahlia Stevens from Vitamin A
The video is one of the favorite videos of the Marbella (ES) headquartered online swimwear shop on the shop's own YouTube channel. Fashionoffice just has received the shop's information with the words: "We have discovered your fashion website and we are impressed! We think that your visitors might also be interested in our website." This is very probable - and by the way: the swimwear video producers, the siblings Howie and Gail Sonnenschein - former fashion television producers, have a great site for sun- and beach-hungry users too: (founded 1997).

7 Feb 2011 - 'Running With Insanity' by the Danish experimental folk-indie band Alcoholic Faith Mission the title track of the new 'And The Running With Insanity EP'; comes out on 29 March on Paper Garden Records.
The band tours in Feb in Denmark, March in Canada, US...

7 Feb 2011 - 'Crazy' by the French chanson-rapper Soprano
...sings about today's youth that uses smartphones, wearable audio-devices, Facebook and Blogs, and have lost their believe in the political discourse. On 21 March, Soprano's re-edition 'La Colombe et Le Corbeau' of his last album 'La Colombe' with additionally 12 yet unpublished tracks will be released.

6 Feb 2011 - What statistics tell
As online is a self-regulating system that functions in a response-flow, the users’ choice has the most impact: if the found information is not relevant, users will search for new sources and will produce with their behaviour the statistical data for the eco-system internet – and this regardless of whether it’s the intention of an online source to produce these data; because these data are keeping the eco-system ‘internet’ alive. This month, Fashionoffice publishes the statistics for users from France in ratio to global traffic. The traffic is counted by the third-party supplier Quantcast on basis of the data delivery by Fashionoffice's hosting provider Globat; view them on

5 Feb 2011 - Narration in philosophy and art
In the video by the Asia Art Archive, artist Huang Yong Ping speaks about his experience of reading philosophical texts and art from other cultures, understanding them from different perspectives, and combining this knowledge with the philosophy of Zen and Taoism, which is reflected in his own experimental Dada inspired art work from the 80s. At this time, Huang Yong Ping's 25 metre gigantic octopus alike installation 'Wu Zei' (Chinese name for cuttlefish - 'Wu' means also the color black, and 'Zei' stands for betraying or corruption) is inspired by the biodiversity of the sea and refers to the maritime disasters caused by man, is on show at the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco (until 20 May 2012)

5 Feb 2011 - "The appearance of the past in the present is the fascinating thing"
...says Mary Kelly in the video after she has bespoken the installation 'Multi-Story House', which shows writings of different generations about feminisim on a wooden-glass(?) house; the writings make the walls look transparent. Mary Kelly's works are about sexuality, mother-and-child relationship, identity, collective memory. From 19 Feb to 12 June, the Whitworth Art Gallery at Manchester University (UK) presents 'Mary Kelly: Projects, 1973 - 2010'. The exhibition focuses on the artist's commitment to women's narratives. On International Women’s Day (8 March), the gallery invites with the words: "Look around Love Songs, Mary Kelly’s celebration of the Women’s Movement, and help us mark the 100th International Women's Day."

5 Feb 2011 - Advertising as 'Musica Interrupta'
Recently, the new video for the song 'My House' from the album 'Blue Songs' (released on 31 Jan by the Brooklyn based electro-dance group Hercules & Love Affair in a direction by Price James (videos for 'OK' by Shit Disco, 'It's The Beat' by Simian Mobile Disco) was published online. In the second half of the video, ads are breaking the linearity of the movie. The trashy, music-interrupting 80s/90s advertising style enhances the intended low quality of the retro house-dance music video that references the club scene of that time. A campaign for a laundry and then a chicken house in the Bronx appear, before the catwalk scenery with gogo dance elements continues.

4 Feb 2011 - An actor hacks a set
The video shows Italian actor Federico Scoponi Morresi's submission to the 'Set Hacking' competition, produced while he waited to play his scenes in 'Una Musica Silenziosa'. On 16 February, the 'Set Hacking' launch party showcasing short films of actors while waiting on set will take place at the Lancia Life Style Lounge during the film festival Berlinale 2011 (10 - 20 Feb, Berlin - DE).

4 Feb 2011 - Lady Gaga about the art work of Marina Abramovic
... which is in the eyes of the musician without any limits in a world where people can be 'terrifying monsters'. She names as an example a performance where the Serbian born in US living performance artist Marina Abramovic (this year's honorate of the Savannah College of Art and Design for her influence on contemporary art) allows the audience to become interactive with her body. Wikipedia cites Marina Abramovic: "The experience I learned was that…if you leave decision to the public, you can be killed." such as she also describes in the video about the 'Rhythm 0' performance from the 70s on

4 Feb 2011 - 'Broken Bones' by The Holidays
Fashionoffice received the hyperlink to the song 'Broken Bones' from the debut album 'Post Paradise' of the Australian Music Prize Red Bull Award winners 'The Holidays'. On, additionally to the original version you will find a Javelin Remix. At this time, the four members band tours in Australia (today Brisbane, tomorrow Melbourne...); it is announced that The Holidays will perform in March in Austin - Texas (US)...

4 Feb 2011 - 'Quicksand' by La Roux in a Boy 8-bit Remix part of La Roux’s 'Gold Edition' featuring new interpretations of songs by the UK electroinc pop duo such as Kanye West's version of Grammy nominated 'In For The Kill'. It is announced that the record premieres today on MySpace; digital release of the 'Gold Edition' (Cherrytree/Interscope) via Amazon and iTunes on 8 February.

4 Feb 2011 - Eco and traveling
Fashionoffice has collected some pieces for a sportive weekend on the seaside. The underwear comes from a French label that recycles wood into silky-cashmere alike fabrics; the barefoot shoes are from a UK based, Greenpeace collaborative company...

3 Feb 2011 - 'No Escape' by Priscilla Sucks from the 'Dirty Bastard' EP
Just received an announcement that the Berlin punk-rock-trash band Priscilla Sucks will perform today live at the Sage Club Berlin

2 Feb 2011 - Online video-game 'champion'
Just received the hyperlink to the online video-game 'Are you a real Champ?' by Davidoff. You can insert your own photo and your name - amazing where especially the photo appears later in the movie! It is announced that the video will not made public unless you share it.

2 Feb 2011 - Sports, music, lifestyle video
The video by Skullcandy was produced on occasion of the BMX Worlds in Germany in 2009; music 'Running With Scissors' by the German hardcore band 'Fire in the Attic'. Now, the design label for headphones, backpacks with built-in speakers... announces the 'Skullcandy Ispo Party' on 7 Feb during the international sports fair Ispo with DJs Mike Relm and The Disco Dogs at Club Ampere Muffatwerk in Munich (DE).

2 Feb 2011 - British male and female model on Brighton beach
Jourdan Dunn and Sacha M’Baye are the February-models of Burberry's on- and offline spring/summer 2011 campaign. It is announced that during the campaign, each month other cast members will be revealed. The hyperlink to the video was sent with the note: "Please credit as "© Copyright Burberry""

2 Feb 2011 - Images of the Arabian world
The amazing video is a cabaret alike lecture about the troubles a person can get in because of the image upon a group or countries that we have in our heads, and how hard it is to change this image. Building a new image of the Arabian world is a center theme of US-Lebanese artist Walid Raad whose work is rooted in his experiences as a teenager in Beirut during the Lebanese Civil Wars (1975 – 90). Now, Walid Raad's work is shown at the exhibition 'Miraculous Beginnings' from 19 February – 25 April 2011 at the Bildmuseet of the Umea University in Sweden.

2 Feb 2011 - Pierre Garroudi is the most requested couturier on Fashionoffice
...alongside to the couture labels Chanel and Martin Margiela (statistics January 2011). The video shows the Iranian-French in London based couturier in an interview with the Austrian online publication Fashionoffice has just received an invitation to Pierre Garroudi's next show on 19 Feb in London.

2 Feb 2011 - Slick & sexy fashion online presentation with slideshow and music London based designer Jerry Osei-Tutu, who introduces the new Osei-Tutu 2011 collection 'The Ego Altered' with the description of a Kafkaesque scenery where a man is living, whose "ego screams for attention..."

1 Feb 2011 - 'Attention Please!?' the title of this year's European Fashion Award – FASH 2011. Students from 17 different countries were looking for answers to questions like "What is the impact of fashion today? Is it about identity or status? Is it about sales, attention, or beauty?..." On 6 Feb, the award celebration will be held during the ispo 11 (6-9 Feb) in Munich (DE).

1 Feb 2011 - World Affairs
Some of the items are inspired by the Arabian world, which receives in these days worldwide attention...

1 Feb 2011 - Reality check
The collection of pieces for men's style SS2011 is inspired by a famous drawing by M.C. Escher that remembers the school of Harry Potter. "Are you really sure that a floor can't also be a ceiling? Are you definitely convinced that you will be on a higher plane when you walk up a staircase?" said once Maurits Cornelis Escher...

1 Feb 2011 - 'Satellite' by The Kills the first single from the album 'Blood Pressures' (release on 5 April). It is announced that a road trip inspired video directed by Sophie Muller (most recent works 'Soldier of Love' - Sade, 'Only The Young' - Brandon Flowers) will be launched soon.


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