31 Jan 2011 - Italian Disco Queen 'Hard Ton' tributes fashion performance artist Leigh Bowery
The video shows the Venezia (IT) based Disco Queen 'Hard Ton' in a tribute to the Australia born (1961) and in London (1994) died fashion artist Leigh Bowery. Leigh Bowery is a representant of the Londoner punk and gay scene. The Kunsthalle Wien (Vienna, AT) announces that works showing Leigh Bowery will be part of the exhibition 'No fashion, please!' (11 Nov 2011 - 22 Jan 2012) with focus on "utopian-looking dresses" in sceneries and the style of fashion photography - but the dresses are only players in stories that have not much to do with wearable clothes...

31 Jan 2011 - Re-listen: 'The Sound of Violence' by the French electronic duo Cassius, vocals by Steve Edwards
...from the album 'Au Rêve' (2002). The computer animated video shows a natural landscape that transforms by the end into an abstract virtual reality.

31 Jan 2011 - Balloon dress in a performance
The video by the Eindhoven (NL) based exhibition space 'MU' for contemporary art made of a mix of design, fashion, music and architecture, shows several artists from South Africa speaking about the intention of their work such as Athi-Patra Ruga, who made a dress out of balloons. He had the idea to fill it up with liquid and put the performance in a scenery where high heels are standing on the ground which is covered with popped balloons. At this time, Athi-Patra Ruga's video 'Miss Congo' is part of the exhibition 'Alterating Conditions: Performing Performance Art in South Africa' at The Bag Factory (Johannesburg bagfactoryart.org.za) with focus on performance art as media for political, social, or cultural expressions; such as one artist says on the MU-video: "I want to make people understand what's going on."

30 Jan 2011 - Artist about cultural changes
On the video, Indonesian artist Jompet Kuswidananto speaks about his installation 'Third Bodies' at the Hong Kong International Art Fair in 2010. The scenery is made of sound, a book that is animated by a robot and symbols of the old and new Indonesian culture like sportive boots. He describes Indonesia as a world in change. The annual art fair in Hong Kong has established itself as one of the most interesting new places in Asia where contemporary art happens. The next ART HK 11 will be held from 26 to 29 May hongkongartfair.com

30 Jan 2011 - A daredevil's art-performance action-photography
...in Beijing. The video shows how Chinese performance-photography artist Li Wei is making his daredevil alike pictures that address the changes of our society and the risks for individuals. Recently, Li Wei says in an interview with Mutualart.com: "Suspension means the dangerous and unstable aspects of society."

30 Jan 2011 - Fashionoffice Insight February 2011 by publisher Karin Sawetz
The reason why requests for 'erwin wurm one minute sculptures' are leaded by search engines to Fashionoffice...

29 Jan 2011 - Holiday Look
Fashionoffice collected some pieces for a holiday style - one piece tells the story of how a day became a holiday: the aquatic colored fakesnake bag is a tribute to a female journalist, who convinced a president to declare a special day as National Holiday...

29 Jan 2011 - Re-listen: Fat Freddy's Drop - Flashback (Jazzanovas Mashed Bag Mix)
Dub-reggae by Fat Freddy’s Drop in a remix by the German formation Jazzanova. You can find it on the Jazzanova album 'The Remixes 2002-2005' together with tracks by Calexico, Masters At Work...

29 Jan 2011 - 'American Trash' by Innerpartsystem
The track 'American Trash' will be released digitally on 22 Feb, physically on 29 March. They are signed to Red Bull Records - what makes hopefully no problems for Fashionoffice as Red Bull is headquartered in Austria, where some have their own copyright strategies. This turns reporting into a 'risky' business!

29 Jan 2011 - High School portraits
...showing 'self-portraits' of 14 students in a project by Thilo Hoffmann, who is one of the artists of 'New Portraiture Exhibitions' at The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum (US), 30 Jan to 5 June. "The artist saw this project as a creative device to help the teens reflect on their position as they emerged from childhood to become young adults." Other artists that are exhibited are Shimon Attie, who portrays New York City's Israeli and Palestinian communities, or Timothy White showing celebrity portraits of Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts,...

28 Jan 2011 - Bunmi Koko SS2011, video from the Africa Fashion Week
The video begins with a performance that remembers a ritual dance, before the British-African styled women's wear is shown on the catwalk. London based fashion and art label Bunmi Koko ('Bunmi' is the first name of the designer and means 'God gave me' in Yoruba, 'Koko' is another Nigerian dialect for 'my other half', a nickname given by her partner) has received the African Fashion Award for the 'Emerging International Designer of The Year - 2010' in Johannesburg, South Africa. On 21st Feb, Bunmi Koko will present the FW2011/12 collection at Vauxhall Fashion Scout during London Fashion Week.

28 Jan 2011 - Spanish designer Jesús del Pozo opens the Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week
...on 18 February, before more than 40 designers will present their ideas until 23 Feb on the catwalk. Alongside to the couture collections, the Spanish designer (first shop in 1974) is active in various fields such as home interior, fragrances, bridal wear, accessories, costumes for the stage, where he has worked together with Bob Wilson for example, and he is involved in educational and cultural programs with the own Jesús del Pozo Foundation. More information about the Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week on ifema.es/ferias/cibeles/default.html.

28 Jan 2011 - The Divine Order in art and design
Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian (born 1924 in Iran, studied Fine Arts at the Tehran University, graduated from Parsons School of Design in 1949, living in Tehran) is known for her geometric glass sculptures that are mirroring the space around as well as the construction itself. The artist is inspired by the "...symbolism of numbers in Islam, where the belief is that at the core of any geometrical expression is the line and single figure based on the Divine Order of nature laws" - which is even the basis for pattern and form in Islamic architecture. Now, Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian's work is exhibited at the gallery The Third Line in Dubai (27 Jan – 24 Feb).

28 Jan 2011 - Issey Miyake's plan to exhibit design
"...the expansion of IT and the Internet, as well as the lessons learnt from globalism and commercialism prompts us to reconsider once again, "What is design?" says 1_21 DESIGN SIGHT director Yasuko Seki about the upcoming exhibition 'Shiro Kuramata and Ettore Sottsass' (2 Feb - 5 Aug, Tokyo). Designer Issey Miyake breaks up in this exhibition the time-linearity of common retrospectives and focuses stronger on the content - the design work of Kuramata and Sottsass. Beauty addicted know the perfume bottle by Ettore Sottsass for Issey Miyake 'L'Eau D'Issey' from 1997, which is in the meanwhile an art alike collectible isseymiyakeparfums.com/#/41/archives/.

27 Jan 2011 - Men style under the motto 'Enjoy your life!'
Fashionoffice was inspired for the Valentine's look by a FTV.com video from the Milan Fashion Week...

27 Jan 2011 - 'OMFG' by Brooklyn-native Birmingham electronic-pop band Deluka
...from the album 'You Are the Night' is now available as free download on deluka.com. Deluka is planning the US tour (starts on 3 Feb in Brooklyn; w. Does It Offend You, Yeah?) and they are preparing a new music video for the song 'OMFG'. The video will debut in mid-February 2011. Deluka's first video 'Cascade' was directed by Paris born in New York living fashion and celebrity photographer Antoine Verglas, whose work can be seen in fashion magazines like Esquire, GQ, Sports Illustrated or Vogue. Fashionoffice received the information with the words: "Stay tuned..."

26 Jan 2011 - 'Nero' by Little Tybee
The song 'Nero' is from the 12 track-album 'Humorous To Bees' by the five members band Little Tybee from Georgia (US). Paper Garden Records has just announced that the album will be released on 5th April.

26 Jan 2011 - Photographer Tracey Moffatt about her work
The video by the Brooklyn Museum was produced on occasion of the exhibition 'Burning Down the House: Building a Feminist Art Collection' in 2008/9. Tracey Moffatt is an acclaimed Australian photographer, who throws a new light on the power relations in our society. Her work is part of the Swedish Moderna Museet, which presents the own photographic collection now in another context by a 'radical' hanging. "We want to show the museum collection from a new perspective, but also to present an alternative art history, not one that is more true, but simply another perspective,” says Daniel Birnbaum, director of Moderna Museet modernamuseet.se/en/Stockholm/Newslist/Focusing-on-photography

26 Jan 2011 - 'Birds Of A Feather' by Mocky from the album 'Saskamodie'
Mocky is one of the musicians of the 'green' sound installation 'Seven Speakers' at the Berlin Kreuzberg experimental design store Nr4, where the clothes, accessories by designers from US and EU are dispayed in an art scenery. The 'Seven Speakers' installation is made of seven speakers in a heptagonal arrangement - and plants. The music is contributed especially for this format by various artists such as Mocky (CA), Barbara Morgenstern and der Chor der Kulturen der Welt (D), or the project initiators Narrow Bridges (D/GB), to name a few. The installation is on view from 28 - 30 January, and during the music and art festival CTM.11 from 1 - 6 Feb in Berlin. It is announced that the shop will be transformed into a sonic greenhouse! Details on numberfour.org

26 Jan 2011 - "Rarely is so much noise generated by one individual"
...was the note that came with the information about the 22 years allround-music-talent old Ilan Rubin, who began to play drums at 8 - piano, guitar, bass and appearances as drummer at several groups followed. In 2007, he started 'The New Regime'. Now, the release of the album 'Speak Through the White Noise', which is entirely written, sung and played by Ilan Rubin, is announced for April 2011 thenewregime.com.

26 Jan 2011 - Retro-(Italian) styled skateboard clip
Fashionoffice found this amazing video by searching for more information about the art-music-sports event organised by the accessories label Nixon and Art Mosh on 6 and 7 February during the tradefair ISPO in Munich. Board graphics from Nixon's athletes such as Tony Hawk, Danny Way, Bob Burnquist... will be on show. www.artmosh.com

25 Jan 2011 - 'I Am Love' nominated for the Oscar in the category Costume Design
The Italian movie with Tilda Swinton in the main role (plays Emma Recchi who is married into a Milanese textile family) is nominated for the work of Antonella Cannarozzi in the category Costume Design for the Oscar (announcement of the winner on 27th Feb). The prominent 'Little Red'-cocktail dress is especially created by Jil Sander (Creative Director Raf Simons) for Tilda Swinton's role in the movie. "Emma Recchi’s wardrobe for the movie epitomizes the Jil Sander values, combining a refined simplicity with superior materials and understated luxury", Raf Simons states.

25 Jan 2011 - Flowers!
Flowers on Haute Couture dresses are not new. But this collection has a special appeal - not only because the models are styled up with aviator sunglasses to evening wear.

25 Jan 2011 - Lust for living!
Fashionoffice collected some pieces, which are sparkling spring lifestyle...

25 Jan 2011 - Bloggers invited to fashion tradeshow from 14 - 16 Feb in Las Vegas
WWDMAGIC, WWD is the 1910 founded fashion publication Women's Wear Daily, MAGIC is the name of the organising company of the tradeshow in Las Vegas, is searching for correspondents - in sum 30, 5 places are open, to document the event. "These bloggers will provide trend reports, generate real-time video segments, participate in buyer chats and style-offs and much more."

25 Jan 2011 - Breakfast music-video 'Not Evident' by The Narcoleptic Dancers
The Lovely Hearts Club presents the video of the electro-pop Dutch-French half-siblings duo who name themselves according to MySpace after a trademark of their father who was a Dutch footballer: "They took the name “The Narcoleptic Dancers’ in homage to their father. The sports press had given him the nickname due to his peculiar haircut and his nonchalant dribble."

24 Jan 2011 - Fashion designers create costumes for the video 'The Runaway' by Unkle
Recently, Nowness.com reported about the "shady" 'The Runaway' video by Unkle with costumes by the Boudicca designers Zowie Broach and Brian Kirkby. On frag-dream.platform13.com, Boudicca is presenting the SS2011 collection 'A Fragmentary Dream' on a model photographed in sleeping position in 27 items. For each outfit, Boudicca has dedicated a short movie with interrupted picture flow - such as not all parts of a dream can be remembered, some parts of the model's movements are lost. The new Boudicca FW2011/12 collection will be presented in March in Paris.

24 Jan 2011 - Re-listen: 'Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Of Company B' by The Andrews Sisters
Fashionoffice just received a music-compilation that accompanies the milestones of the underwear label Calida with songs from different times. The CD was released by EMI music on occasion of the label's 70th anniversary. Calida was founded in 1941
in Switzerland together with an Austrian family from the textile business; in the same year as the movie with the dance performance of The Andrews Sisters was produced. 'Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Of Company B' is one of the most important songs of the 20th century.

24 Jan 2011 - Kids today can rather master a computer game than swim
The study from the series 'Digital Diaries' (2,200 mothers of 2-5 years old young children in countries in America, EU, Asia, Oceania) by the Internet Security Company AVG shows how children interact with technology. "58 percent of children aged 2-5 know how to play a 'basic' computer game. For the U.K. and France that jumps to 70 percent. Even 44 percent of 2-3 year olds have the ability to play a computer game. By comparison, 43 percent of kids 2-3 can ride a bike. ... There is no tech gender divide between young boys and girls. As many boys (58 percent) as girls (59 percent) can play a computer game or make a mobile phone call (28 percent boys, 29 percent girls)."

24 Jan 2011 - Fashion installation about the fragility of humans
The video shows the 6th part of the fashion installation 'Fragil', which was made of FW2010/11 collection pieces by the Spanish design duo zazo&brull. Fashionoffice just received an invitation to the presentation of the new FW2011/12 collection 'Distopía' on 2 Feb during Valencia Fashion Week. 'Distopía' is inspired by the 1950s novel 'Lord of the Flies' by William Golding about human nature and how it changes in extreme situations zazobrull.blogspot.com/2011/01/distopia-autumn-winter-11-12.html.

23 Jan 2011 - Re-listen: 'Hot Topic' by Le Tigre
The feminist punk-band Le Tigre mentions in this song from 1999 artists, musicians, writers like Yoko Ono, Joan Jett, Gertrude Stein, Valie Export... and Faith Ringgold (born 1930 in Harlem, New York), whose painted story quilts are now on view in the exhibition 'The Art of Faith Ringgold: Story Quilts and Freedom Quests' (31 Jan - 15 April) at the SCAD Museum of Art (US). "Ringgold's characteristic duality of beautiful imagery and deceptively simple characters and storylines repeatedly challenge the viewers to reexamine mythologies of cultural memory and identity." scad.edu/news/2011/faith-ringgold-quilts-quests.cfm

23 Jan 2011 - 'Smash His Camera'
...once said Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis when she saw US paparazzo Ron Galella. The saying became the title of a documentary about Ron Galella. Director Leon Cast (2010) states: "Any sentient human being who has ever read a newspaper, magazine, or watched the nightly news came to the same conclusion: Ron Galella was a monster." Time and Vanity Fair called him "the Godfather of the U.S. paparazzi culture". Galella's photographs were used in Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Rolling Stone... Now, they are part of the exhibition 'Zeitgeist and glamour: the decades of the jet set' showing images of the 60s and 70s at the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf (5 Feb - 15 May) nrw-forum.de.

23 Jan 2011 - Thrill, danger, superhero
Amor-alike pieces, gender-crossing, and the new 'Superhero' fashion from Paris.

22 Jan 2011 - Society photos from the 1920s and 1930s
In the 1920s, photographer Trude Fleischmann received attention with her movement-studies of naked dancers. She was one of the pioneering female artists in Vienna, who experimented with camera techniques, lighting, and the cropping of images to change the common esthetical view on women.

22 Jan 2011 - Fashion video about 'Collective Memory'
The video (directed by José Ricardo García) is a surrealistic, thrilling dreamy presentation of the collection 'Collective Memory' by the New York based design duo 'A La Disposition' (biography on Modemonline.com). Fashionoffice just received an invitation to the presentation of the new FW2011/12 collection 'The Utopian Aviary' on 21 February at the London Fashion Week.

21 Jan 2011 - Women's wear FW2011/12 in a humorous-thrilling fashion installation
...by the design duo Augustin Teboul that references to Brothers Grimm tale 'Little Red Riding Hood'. The new interpretation of the tale about the wolf who pursues the 'Little Red Head' was presented on 19 Jan during Berlin Fashion Week with dresses and tights that float like pitch (pitch is in German synonymous for 'hard luck') over the bodies of the women, who transform in the performance from the seduced into seducers. Music by Ambroise Prieur and Sébastien Roger, voice by Pauline Dupak.

21 Jan 2011 - Men's wear FW2011/12 from Paris Fashion Week
Uploaded today: Louis Vuitton presented the new men's wear collection in Paris. Some of the coats and jackets have discrete integrated warming upholstering; they look like life-vests. The collection seems to be designed for dare-devils! There is a thrilling vibration on the catwalk. Fashionfame.com writes that designer Paul Helbers has "...mixed it with hint of strangeness inspired by David Lynch."

21 Jan 2011 - Denim styles for women and men FW2011/12
Just uploaded: G-Star Raw denim fashion show men and women (slim as well as extra wide jeans in an interesting cut combined to very tight tailored jackets) presented at Bread & Butter during Berlin Fashion Week.

21 Jan 2011 - Women's wear FW2011/12
The catwalk video was just uploaded by the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. It shows the new women's wear collection FW2011/12 by Munich (Germany) headquartered label Rena Lange (founded 1916). Now, it's the third time that Rena Lange (design director Julian Neale) presents at the Berlin Fashion Week. The pieces are elegant and remember mid1970s fashion with knee-length wide skirts, blouses with bows, prints in pop-art style... Additionally, 90s 'deconstruction'-elements such as a white thick woollen pullover over a black long glittering gown or a coat in mi-parti (above red, below sand) break up the harmony of 'common' female elegance.

21 Jan 2011 - Fashion and youth culture
By searching for more information about the upcoming exhibition 'Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven', Fashionoffice has found the video of Turner awarded British artist Mark Leckey, whose video 'Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore' about the party-scene of UK's youth from the 70s to the 90s will be on show from 27 Jan to 12 March at the Columbus College of Art and Design (Ohio). Fiorucci is synonymous for the 'disco' (70s) and 'popper' styles (80s) of the European youth. The video shows people dancing the lifestyle of 3 decades. "...the idea that "the best days of your lives" will be wiped away by a change in fashion." writes Justin Quirk about the video on guardian.co.uk.

21 Jan 2011 - Celebrities on the red carpet at the Berlin Fashion Week
The video begins with an amazing red carpet photo shoot showing celebrities like Til Schweiger, Jette Joop, Boris Becker... in front of the label wall for the crowd of reporters on occasion of the Mercedes-Benz and Vogue Fashion Night on 19 January at a place in Berlin that was held officially secret. The second part gives an insight into the party. The three following chapters are dedicated to a female and a male celebrity and the co-organiser of the fashion night: model Karolina Kurkova speaks about her job at the fashion week and her motherhood, Formula 1 Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg about the racings, Vogue chief editor Christiane Arp about the Berlin Fashion Week.

20 Jan 2011 - Why do we love stars and icons so much and why are we fascinated by them?
...is one of the questions at the round-table 'The Magical Side of Celebrity' on 28 January at the New York Public Library with three writers and theorists, who have worked about the cultural phenomena 'icons' and 'celebrities'.

20 Jan 2011 - Scarlett Johansson as role model for 2011 fashion
Scarlett Johansson represents a new female role that can be described as sexy, intellectual and bohemian. Now, she appears in the spring/summer campaign for an international fashion label...

20 Jan 2011 - Risky art performance
The German born, currently in New York working artist Nadja Verena Marcin presented on 2 May 2010 in New York the around 20 minutes performance 'Nadja by Breton' questioning today's society and its responsibility for the creation of the public space. Nadja Verena Marcin walks over a wooden construction some metres above the earth which is partly covered by a sculpture made of fabrics that looks like a kid's toy; when she reaches the middle, the construction breaks; but the sculpture covers only a small space of the earth below her... Now, the work of the artist is exhibited under the title 'lost in translation' from 21 Jan to 5 March at the Jens Fehring gallery. "Marcin's works, which include, besides videos and live performances, performance-based photographs, use her own identity and personality to explore the depths and limits of our social behavior, trusted rites, and the resulting vulnerabilities." jensfehring.com

20 Jan 2011 - Men's wear 2011 collection video
The Italian label Stone Island presents its SS2011 men's wear on a video with catalogue alike pictures and male models that are moving subtle. Today, Stone Island invites to the launch of the 'Reflective Jacket' at the store Firmament during the Berlin Fashion Week am-firmament.com.

20 Jan 2011 - Originals, copies, clones
The third type of fashion users is the 'original'. The originals are characterised best as extremely self-confident and risk-friendly. Some of them are just looking cocky. But a few of them are setting new trends.

19 Jan 2011 - Berlin Fashion Week mobile calendar
The German fashion news agency modabot.com publishes on m.modabot.com the Berlin Fashion Week mobile calendar with dates until 24 Jan, short description, and navigation-link to google maps for the selected event. The web version is available on events.modabot.com.

19 Jan 2011 - Conversation about the history and future of museums in the digital age
The Art Basel conversation with directors/curators from the MOMA, Rhizome, and Indianapolis Museum of Art gives an insight into the changes of archives, legal aspects, educational programs and the marketing of museums through the last 16-18 years since the internet became a tool of art historians and administrators. The new role of curators as publishers of academic content (on the web, mobile applications...) that is written in a common language, how to reach users and activate critial views, the museum as the future space for interactive participation on believes and ideas,
or the changes of our society through digital media in general - even when the technology is not visible or absent, are some of the topics.

18 Jan 2011 - The Tyrolean Style; Austria Insight by publisher Karin Sawetz
Probably it's because of the Hahnenkamm race in Kitzbühel, but last night I dreamt that I am in the snowy mountains on my skis in between the race course and making the 'Einkehrschwung' (Austrian keyword for taking a drink in a cottage)...

17 Jan 2011 - Men's wear 2011/12 in an earthy-raw, natural style
The video shows the new FW2011/12 men's wear collection by the Italian knitwear specialist Missoni and designer Angela Missoni during the Milan Fashion Week. By searching for online commentaries, it's the bohemian and relaxed look of the layering of vests, jackets and pullovers over wide trousers that is often mentioned. GQ.com writes: "It's a feeling that's part Tyrolean and part Boho."

17 Jan 2011 - Re-listen: 'Fly Away' by Lenny Kravitz from the album '5' (1998)
This video has entered the history of music! The Grammy awarded song was interpreted by the Californian director Paul Hunter, who is counted for his work for musicians like A Perfect Circle, Marilyn Manson, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera... to the best music video directors. Recently, Hunter has directed the video 'Give A Little More' by Maroon 5; you will find a similar scenery like at the Lenny Kravitz video. But with the difference of a more obsessive Kravitz and the censorship of topless women by unsharpened parts (a digital effect) on the film material, which was a typical style element in the late 90s; it was the same time that in film business the analog material, treatment and distribution was replaced by digital bits and bytes.

16 Jan 2011 - Time to pack the coffer!
Fashionoffice has packed a small case made of aerospace material with pieces from brand new and coming collections: a bikini and a new travel-friendly sun protection, a perfume in a flacon that remembers a metallic angel wing, a firming body skin care... and sandals by a French shoe couturier.

16 Jan 2011 - Today's active role of recipients in the cultural process
On 21 and 22 January, the Ruhr-Universitat Bochum invites to the conference concerning new relations in art and society. "Participation in art provides the subjects taking part with a further possibility: they can participate actively as protagonists in communicative processes that also have the ability to construct reality."

15 Jan 2011 - Re-listen 'Let Love Rule' by Lenny Kravitz in a remix by Justice
The French electronic dance music duo Justice has released the remix of Lenny Kravitz' song 'Let Love Rule' in 2009. The musicians of Justice had been active in fashion too: in 2008, the musicians transferred their personal style into a small collection of jackets and jeans for Surface To Air; such as Stereogum reported. Surface To Air is a Paris headquartered group that collaborates with artists, designers, musicians, etc. in the fields fashion, communication and film. They have own shops in Paris, Sao Paulo and they are represented at Le Printemps in Paris.

15 Jan 2011 - Interview with the designers of the Mexico City based label 'Teamo'
...which means translated 'I Love You'. The Styletrek-interview with the 'Teamo' designers Rafa Cuevas and Roberto Sanchez is one of a series produced by the virtual boutique of designer fashion from the Americas, Europe, Australia and Oceania, Asia. Now, the boutique (founded Feb 2010 by fashion and internet specialists) extends and calls designers to apply. Details on styletrek.com.

15 Jan 2011 - Jack White's new music video
With this music-video-teaser, Jack White's label Third Man Records and Nonesuch Records just announce the premiere of the retro-styled video 'Thunder on the Mountain' (a Bob Dylan song) by rockabilly singer Wanda Jackson accompanied by Jack White on guitar and The Third Man House Band. Wanda Jackson's album 'The Party Ain’t Over' will be released via Third Man and Nonesuch on 25 January.

14 Jan 2011 - Interview with a New York based jewellery designer
The video was found on stylelikeu.com while searching for more information about the upcoming printed book of the publishers of the online publication that provides intimate insights into the fashion life of "people who possess exceptional personal style". Elisa Goodkind and Lily Mandelbaum's print edition of 'Stylelikeu' is a picture book that opens the doors to many different lifeworlds with citations of the portrayed people about fashion, style such as "Nothing is in, nothing is out. It’s about what really looks good on you and how you feel in it." The book comes out in April 2011 at powerHouse Books.

14 Jan 2011 - 'Waiting For My Time To Come' by TopBananas
Fashionoffice just received the hyperlink to the debut video of LA rapper/producer TopBananas. TopBananas says that it "is the story of a blue collar guy trying to keep his sanity outside of work." The musician's seven song album 'Electric Nights' is announced for spring 2011.

14 Jan 2011 - Men in extreme depths, heights and the needed endurance
Fashionoffice was inspired by the idea of exploring the depths of water and extraterrestrial space, the heights of mountains and the endurance that is necessary for experiencing these levels.

13 Jan 2011 - Electronic-pop 'Not Enough' by Brooklyn band Xylos
Recently, Xylos was counted by the New York Post to the '10 Artists to Know in 2011'. 'Not Enough' is from the self-titled album which will be released soon.

13 Jan 2011 - 'Green' sportscar
Fashionoffice follows the latest statistical keywords-data and delivers information for the ones who are searching on Fashionoffice for cars. The video by 'The Guardian' shows reporter John Vidal, who meets Dale Vince from UK's green energy company Ecotricity for a test-drive with the sportscar 'Nemesis'. "We wanted to prove electric cars can be quick to develop, beautiful to look at, cheap to run, and run entirely on wind power", says Dale Vince on ecotricity.co.uk. "I was not looking for something ecological, worthy and a bit self-sacrificial, far from it.  I wanted to create something exotic and desirable.  Something that would turn heads and challenge stereotypes." 

12 Jan 2011 - Call to apply: 'green' fashion designers from around the world
The video shows the Paris-runway-alike staged scenery with a wooden romantic house and several collections of designers at the Modepalast in Vienna. The next Modepalast with focus on 'green' fashion will happen from 26 to 29 May 2011. Designers of sustainable, high quality fashion, jewellery, and accessories are invited to apply until 16 January on www.modepalast.com.

12 Jan 2011 - 30 women's dresses for the opening of the Pitti Immagine Uomo
... presented on models, actresses, students, women connected to humanitarian causes on 11th Jan at the church Santo Stefano al Ponte in Florence. Alberta Ferretti has created the 30 dresses especially for the opening of the 79th edition of Pitti Immagine Uomo in Florence, which is known for its men's fashion shows. "I enthusiastically accepted the invitation to show in Florence during the Pitti Immagine Uomo, the world renowned Men’s show, with the objective of creating a unique and sincere collection. This is an important occasion, not necessarily to showcase myself as a designer, but more importantly to unite my voice as a designer with women everywhere who work to provide new opportunities for women everywhere. This is also why I wanted to partner with the Jordan River Foundation, an Association sponsored by Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan who represents a cultural link between East and West, in the name of women’s emancipation and independence," states Alberta Ferretti on albertaferretti.com.

12 Jan 2011 - Well-dressed with style VS. throw away culture
Even 'design and clothing culture' are on focus of the Humanity in Fashion Award. The designs of the three finalists will be presented during the Berlin Fashion Week (18-23 Jan).

12 Jan 2011 - Live performance of 'Rolling/Nectarine' by Hooray For Earth in San Francisco
Fashionoffice has already posted once the song in the version of a psychedelic music video. Now, this posting leads to the live performance of the song for yourstru.ly - an online publication (headquarter San Francisco) by filmmakers, photographers, designers... who are sharing their passions. The website with reduced partly TV-screen alike design, features new music on a playlist and the 'theatre' with video coverage of live performances, interviews...

11 Jan 2011 - 'Balloon' by Pawel Althamer
The video shows how the balloon - a gigantic naked self-portrait of the artist Pawel Althamer himself, is filled with air. The flying man has a length of more than 20 metres. The sculpture stands for the construction of the relationship of the individual with the world. The 'Balloon' was exhibited already in 2007 in the exhibition 'One of Many' by the Fondazione Nicola Trussardi in Florence. Now, the Fondazione Nicola Trussardi announces the new exhibition '8½' with presentations of works from past exhibitions such as Pawel Althamer, John Bock, Maurizio Cattelan, etc. From 11 to 14 January, ''8½' will be one of the main events at the 79th edition of Pitti Immagine Uomo in Florence pittimmagine.com/en/fiere/uomo/flasheventi/index.php.

11 Jan 2011 - Street, mobile, green get glamorous
Fashionoffice has collected some pieces from the new collections for spring/summer 2011. They have one in common: the vintage and street style pieces appear in 2011 with a more glamorous appeal and elegant cut.

11 Jan 2011 - 'My Eyes To See' by 'Alcoholic Faith Mission'
Fashionoffice just received the hyperlink to the new video for the song 'My Eyes To See' by the Brooklyn based band 'Alcoholic Faith Mission' with the note: "A video is worth a thousand pictures and a picture is worth a thousand words, though, so use YOUR eyes to see!"

10 Jan 2011 - 'Second Lives' by the French electronic-techno musician Vitalic (album 'Flashmob')
The amusing video, directed by Julien Henry, shows an elegant toilette visited by people who look as if they are working in one office. While they are doing whatever people are doing on the toilette, they are captured from the static angle of a secret observation camera. Vitalic alias Pascal Arbez will appear on stage at the audio visual festival 'Urban Art Form' in Wr. Neustadt (nearby Vienna)/Austria (16 to 18 June) uaf-festival.at

10 Jan 2011 - What's coming next?
As online is a self-regulating system that functions in a response-flow, the users’ choice has the most impact. Fashionoffice previews keyword trends.

8 Jan 2011 - There are many ways how culture evolves...
By exploring how cultural identity globally evolves, even New York's club culture with prominent examples is on focus of a discussion at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York. 'I Feel Love' by Donna Summer/Giorgio Moroder is a dancefloor hit (Studio 54) with early electronic-techno beats.

7 Jan 2011 - Video about fashion that is inspired by a game of Surrealists to compose texts in a group
Annelie Augustin and Odély Teboul (graduates of Esmod Paris) started with the project 'Cadavre Exquis' by continuing the creation of the other on a folded paper without knowing what the other has designed for the other part of the body. Now, the designers present their label 'Augustin Teboul' - a combination of ready-to-wear and haute couture, on 19 Jan during Berlin Fashion Week with the fashion installation 'Little Red Head' about the fictional character Little Red Ridinghood who is playing in the tragicomical, thrilling fashion story the role of the seducer.

7 Jan 2011 - Interactive comic strip on website
...is showing the sci-fi, reality-fiction artist Jean Giraud alias Moebius himself and an alien-snake; by going with the mouse over the alien's head it spits balls, and at its other end it looks as it shits in string-form by clicking). Jean Giraud, who names himself 'Moebius' after the German mathematician, is also known for his film work like the production design of the movie 'The Fifth Element' (costumes were designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier). The exhibition at Fondation Cartier is focusing on the theme metamorphosis and that "...the forms in our environment may not be as stable as they seem". Moebius' comic strips are non-linear narrations to involve the reader in generating meaning. Therefore he uses techniques which are known from the surrealist dessin automatique.

7 Jan 2011 - Fashionoffice inventory February, March, April
Fashionoffice publishes the calculated inventory by 'DoubleClick for Publishers' for selected banner sizes for the next months.

7 Jan 2011 - Dance party 'C N Burn Felix Cartal Remix' by the 'Moving Units'
At this time, 'C N Burn Felix Cartal Remix' by the LA band 'Moving Units' is the most requested on their MySpace-site. Probably it will be soon overhauled by the band's new song 'Pink Redemption' from the coming album 'Tension War' (release on Valentine’s Day). You can hear the new song on URB.com where it is described as a reflection of "...the band’s excogitation on the difficulties of trying to 'harmonize the dualities in everyday life' — which I interpret as 'Why is life so damn hard sometimes?!?!'" urb.com/2010/12/16/urb-exclusive-moving-units-premiere-pink-redemption-mp3/

7 Jan 2011 - 'Broken Bones' by the Australian band 'The Holidays'
Fashionoffice just received the hyperlink to the music video of the new Australian band 'The Holidays' and the streaming link of another version of 'Broken Bones' in a CFCF Remix on soundcloud.com/presshereinge/the-holidays-broken-bones-cfcf-remix

7 Jan 2011 - Experience of the world, privacy and the myth of being alone
The video shows New York artist Sam Samore who says about his photographic stories on privacy and the myth of being alone: "My interest is a kind of alienation we experience from each other so we don't always say what we think of each other and so we experience the world as something separate from each other." The artist, who is also known in the world of fashion (Dior Couture editorial story for Crash magazine), is now exhibited with his photographic series 'The Dark Suspicion' at the gallery D’Amelio Terras in New York (8 Jan - 19 Feb): "...Samore plays with the fragmentation of the self as an alternative means of description, asking questions: How do we present ourselves to the world and each other? And, no matter how close we are in proximity to others - psychologically, geographically, and physically - do we still live our lives alone?" damelioterras.com/exhibition.html?id=763

6 Jan 2011 - Video insights into the tradeshow Bread & Butter Berlin (next: 19 - 21 Jan)
The Bread & Butter Berlin tradeshow is known to be the place where new trends in denim and sportive street fashion are presented by labels like Diesel, Levi's, Bench, Adidas... Fashionoffice just received an invitation by the magazine 'Sportswear International' to the 'Denim Day' on 18 Jan in Berlin where denim experts from international labels will discuss ecology, marketing, import/export, retail... conferencegroup.de/denimday11

6 Jan 2011 - Collections inspired by a French and an American actress
Two international fashion labels present independently from each other for SS2011 collaborations with emerging designers who are both inspired by actresses.

6 Jan 2011 - Detailed Fashion Calendar 2011
Probably one of the most detailed Fashion Calendars online! The 'WeConnectFashion'-calendar includes fashion weeks, fairs, and other fashion related shows with additional information about the event, schedules, and contact.

6 Jan 2011 - Download MP3: 'Dark Sunrise' by Rikki Ililonga and his band Musi-O-Tunya
The 1970s 'Zam Rock'-godfather (pop music from Zambia) Rikki Ililonga has recently re-issued his psychedelic soul rock music that is best described as a mix of Jimi Hendrix, James Brown, Fela Kuti. 'Now Again Records' publishes an article about the 'Zam Rock' scene of the 1970s: "...it’s no wonder that the Zambian musicians taken by European and English influences gravitated to the hard, dark side of the rock and funk spectrum." nowagainrecords.com/zambian-psych-rock

5 Jan 2011 - Tom Ford SS2011 catwalk video with music by Karen Elson
Fashionoffice just received the report 'Tom Ford: He Looks Younger as His Clothes Look Older' by Lookonline.com about the recently released mini-movie from Tom Ford's SS2011 women's wear catwalk presentation that was held in September in a salon alike atmosphere with celebrities like Anna Wintour, Beyoncé, Karen Elson (the singer who contributed the song 'Pretty Babies' to the video), Lauren Hutton, etc. to name a few. It's up to the viewer to follow the opinion of Lookonline that "What is old, is not always new again, no matter how much of a facelift you give it.", or just enjoy the extraordinary stylishly directed catwalk video showing the elegant-sexy ageless Tom Ford SS2011 pieces, which were described by the New York Times in September: "The clothes didn’t look like Gucci, and they didn’t really look like Yves Saint Laurent, which Mr. Ford also designed for a few years. To be sure, they combined elements of both, but the fit was different and the glamour more intense. If the style referenced any period, it was the ’20s." nytimes.com/2010/09/14/fashion/14FORD.html

5 Jan 2011 - 'How to stay in contact with reality'
...is one of the themes of the American philosopher, thinker of 'public opinion' and educational reformer John Dewey whose ideas inspire Goddard College (US) for its educational mission. Now, the Goddard College MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts Program calls for proposals for the conference 'Making, Meaning, and Context: A Radical Reconsideration of Art's Work' (14-16 Oct). One of the questions is "How have the roles of art, artist, and audience been resituated?" artswork.goddard.edu

5 Jan 2011 - Two Haute Joaillerie houses on exhibition travel
...Or the production of jewellery that enables to change the form like the Zip necklace that can be worn as a bracelet too. "The technical difficulties in producing this work are evidenced by the length of time it took between its conception in the late 1930s, when the Duchess of Windsor proposed a piece of jewelry that zipped, and its production in 1951."

4 Jan 2011 - Website intro with movie and orchestral sound
The video on the website is the first music video ('Through to You') for the recently released 6 track album 'Back Of My Head' by Montreal (Canada) based upstarting Ben Wilkins. Fashionoffice has found it at the Lovely Hearts Club with the posting that Ben Wilkins was brought to their attention via a Canadian friend: "Oh Canada, how jealous we are of your beautifully cohesive and collaborative music scene!" papergardenrecords.com/lovelyheartsclub

4 Jan 2011 - Iranian photographer shows sceneries of women in traditional clothes and modern accessories
The video was found by following the New Years wishes that were sent by ForYourArt.com to Fashionoffice. In an article, the art publication reports about the work of Iranian photographer Shadi Ghadirian (born 1974 in Tehran, she holds a B.A degree in photography from the Azad University in Tehran). Ghadirian's Qajar series shows women in 19th century traditional clothes with modern lifestyle accessories like a bicycle, helmet, a Pepsi can...

3 Jan 2011 - Artist inspired by the 1930s hairstyle of aviation pioneer Amelia Earhardt
The video provides a historical review about the life of Amelia Earhardt, who crossed as the second one solo the Atlantic after Charles Lindbergh and disappeared on her flight around the world along the equator. Earhardt's wild hairstyle has inspired US sculptor Phyllis Green for 'Amelia and the Spinning Heads' from the 'Hairdo' series. Now, the Otis College of Art and Design (California) announces the exhibition 'Splendid Entities: 25 years of Objects by Phyllis Green' (18 Jan - 19 March), which shows Green's objects from the last 25 years made in a craft alike technique of textiles, feathers, wood... about the female body otis.edu/public_programs/ben_maltz_gallery/index.html.

3 Jan 2011 - Skin color collection
Fashionoffiice has received the information about the new color collection from the magazine's contact at MAC Cosmetics additionally with a personal tip...

2 Jan 2011 - Video about the mental and physical benefits of boxing by Gretchen Burger
The video from 2006 is a work by US documentary filmer and video artist Gretchen Burger who has presented in 2010 accompanying to her thesis show for the MFA in Film and Video at the Massachusetts College of Art & Design (Boston) the video installation 'Unwrapping' about a female boxer (herself) which "...is an exploration of how memory and emotion manifest to shape the body's alignment and movement." gretchenburger.net. At this time, the MFA Film/Video at the Massachusetts College of Art & Design calls the ones who are interested in working with moving pictures for applications (until 15 Jan): "The program develops an individualized perspective on the medium that can be political, conceptual, abstract, or visceral, with advanced skills in video and film production to make the vision real." massartgraduateprograms.org/filmvideo.html

2 Jan 2011 - Re-listen: Early 'free-biker' scene from 1969 'Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head'
The Oscar-premiered song was written especially for the scene where Paul Newman (as bank robber Butch Cassidy) rides some stunts on an old bike. The musical alike scene is from the film 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid'. The American Western film is one of the highlights of movies from the late 60s and was added 2003 as culturally important product by the Librarian of Congress (US) to the National Film Registry, which is the largest collection of film and television in the world.

1 Jan 2011 - Fashionoffice wishes Happy 2011!

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