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10 July 2011 - Short Message

Wall sculptures that remember material creations of Haute Couture

London based gallery 'jaggedart' (founded in 2002) collects paintings, graphics, photographs - and '3dimensional' pieces that remember material creations of Haute Couturiers. The re-compositions of everyday objects (books, maps, textiles, embroidery...) or nature like grass into sculptural wall installations enrich the idea of materiality, its transformation in time and the change of our view on history. 'Old' objects, times become new through the hands of the artists such as Kazuhito Takadoi who creates cycle of life representations with materials he has found in the woodland. "I take joy in the slow decay when everything eventually returns to the earth, only to be re-born."

Now, jaggedart announces the next exhibition with 3dimensional art/interior design under the title 'UNBOUND' by Chilean-born designer Francisca Prieto (MA from Central Saint Martins) who works for example with music sheets from the early 20th century for a new visual origami composition made of the written notes for several instruments of operas, ballets; or uses for her summarization of events which happened in selected months in 1852 illustrations from London News' issues

‘UNBOUND  – New work by Francisca Prieto' runs from 11 October to 5 November 2011 at jaggedart in London.



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