spring/summer 2011

hat by Capo
by Tila March for La Redoute
by Geox
by Acqua Colonia
by MAC Cosmetics

Ugly man & beautiful woman

In April 2011, the Austrian headwear label Capo has sent some pieces of the new collection with an image which remembers the deep-rooted story that an ugly male being becomes beautiful through a woman's kiss.

The storyline 'frog prince' is as persistent as the 'beautiful witch'-tale about an attractive woman who has a bad character like the stepmother of Snow White.

But it's up to the viewer to interpret the image on this page and fill it with a story. Probably the Red Riding Hood on this image pre-tastes the little frog for a French soup.

Fashionoffice was inspired and collected some additional 'ingredients' for a spring/summer 2011 style.

fig. original:

Red rain cap by Capo, SS2011. Photo: Capo. In 1912, Capo was the first straw hat factory in the Bregenzerwald in Vorarlberg (Austria). Today, they are using various functional materials - from straw for summer, loden for winter, or tactel and Gore-Tex for rainy days.

Red/white cotton-bag in marine style by Tila March for La Redoute, SS2011. Photo: (C) La Redoute. The French trend label Tila March (founded 2006 by the editor of the French magazine 'Elle' Tamara Taichman) has created an own collection of bags, shoes, beachwear... for the new summer 2011 range of the online retailer.

Red/white pumps in leather with breathable sole by Geox, SS2011.

'Blood Orange & Basil' handwash by Acqua Colonia, seen in April 2011. 'Acqua Colonia' was launched in March 2009 with several herbal mixtures which are created to evoke positive feelings like aroma therapy. The modern-vintage appearance references the roots of the label which belongs to the German perfumery house '4711'. The 'Blood Orange & Basil' bath products and Eau de Cologne have an 'stimulating effect'.

'My Paradise'-cheek powder in peach with gold hibiscus flower overspray from the 'Surf, Baby!'-line by MAC Cosmetics, limited edition - available in May and June 2011.


Source: Original article with images on http://www.fashionoffice.org/collections/2011/tales4-2011.htm.

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