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Toys for adults

In early July 2014, Lego received a lot of attention; positively mentioned at Rolling Stone's '10 Best Movies of 2014 So Far' ranking ('The Lego Movie'), as well as negative attention through the Greenpeace video against the company's collaboration with Shell (article on The Guardian).

In early July 2014, Lego sent information about the upcoming new construction brick set after the iconic car 'Mini Cooper' in classical green with white racing stripes, a resized copy of the motor, removable roof inclusively picnic basket and blanket for the trip emotion (designer video).

The adults toy Lego Mini Cooper (1.077 pieces) will come into stores and online on 1 August 2014. The car is from the 'Lego Men' series; well, this is perhaps another theme which can be discussed; but perhaps even not as women are pragmatists. Lego states on its website (translated from German): "...LEGO MINI Cooper is just right for every LEGO fan and car enthusiast."

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