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fig.: Piaggio's new 'Vespa Primavera' - the scooter is the re-interpretation of Piaggio's 1960s model and pays homage to youth's lifestyle of this time, presented in March 2014 by bike store Faber in Vienna. Photo: (C) Faber GmbH/

Driving training at the beginning of the motorbike season

At the beginning of the Spring/Summer 2014 season, new motorcycles such as the Vespa Primavera were launched in Vienna. The scooter is the re-edition of Piaggio's 1960s Vespa combined with elements of Vespa 946 (closer review on and evokes the desire to escape from the urban car traffic and its bothersome search for a parking place.

Even when such scooters look nice, comfortable, handsome and easy to drive, they are motorcycles and achieve the same (allowed) speed (125ccm up to 100km/h on urban highways) like other motorized road users in the city. Fashionoffice's advice: start the season with a driving training! In Austria for example, ÖAMTC offers such 'Warm Ups'.

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