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2 September 2015

Amon Tobin's sounds for the futuristic Peugeot Fractal concept car are synchronized with the urban environment

The sporty styled four-seater coupé with removable roof (image of the pearl-white, matte-black cabriolet below) is Peugeot's latest future preview for urban transportation. The 'Peugeot Fractal' is powered by electric motors at the axes (40 kW/h lithium-ion battery for 450km), can be adjusted for various terrains (for motorways another ground clearance than in urban environment; from 7cm to 11cm), is almost noiseless (motors, tires), and is pedestrian and bicycle riders friendly as it's equipped with a special environmentally synchronized sound system which alerts other road users. The outdoor sound signature is composed by the Brazilian musician Amon Tobin. Fractal's outdoor sound signals inform others about the movement of the car (acceleration, deceleration or constant speed). The sound system begins to work after the opening of the doors via Smartwatch Samsung Gear S (with features like a car location finder!). Inside, Amon Tobin's sounds signalize the driver's use of turn signals, switching on/off light or accompany the start of the motor; even the navigation is orchestrated dynamically - the closer the next traffic point, the nearer the sound information appears for the driver's ears. The cockpit looks like inspired by a race car and is equipped with classical concert hall and recording studio materials (especially oak) which resonate sound waves perfectly. The seats are covered with white leather. More images from outside and the cockpit inside, sound video and closer information on

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