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9 April 2016

Vienna Insight: Oldtimers from cars, tractors, buses, trucks to motorbikes joined the Blumencorso at Prater

Today on 9 April 2016, young florists and the Vienna City Gardens (Wiener Stadtgärten) decorated around 100 vehicles for a colorful 'Blumencorso' (flower corso) at the city's leisure and fun park Prater which celebrates this year its 250 anniversary. The flower parade of oldtimers - from cars, over buses, trucks to motorbikes, sketched a journey through motor history and thanks to some community vehicles like fire engine or an old post and telegraphy truck, the achievements of the city's people during the last 100 years. In 1925, the first flower corso was held exclusively with cars at the Prater; but already in the years before, horse carriages, bicycles, cars were outfitted with flowers for the Prater defile (images). Princess Pauline von Metternich founded the first ever Blumencorso in 1886. There exists a painting by W. Gause which shows the atmosphere at the first Blumencorso in 1886. Even today (and it was a cloudy, cold day), people enjoyed with smiles on their faces the parade and used the event for capturing pictures with their cameras. Unfortunately it's not possible - different to the above mentioned Gause painting, to depict the Blumencorso guests' faces (keyword: privacy of possibly randomly passing walkers).

fig.: Blumencorso at Vienna Prater on 9 April 2016.

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