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Media information, June 2011

Privacy and property of data in the 'Cloud'
Is the property of a company secure in the Cloud? Is the Cloud the end of privacy?

Fashionoffice has outsourced its IT since 1996. Today, the data-business calls this praxis 'Cloud Computing'. 'Cloud Computing' means that parts of a company's property (such as copyrighted content) are given into the hands of IT-specialists who are storing and delivering data on/with their technical equipment. The 'Cloud' is a necessity especially for small or media sized companies as it is not possible for them to update the IT as fast as it changes.

Fashionoffice has agreements with international renowned and trusted IT-companies for web technique, statistical measurement, advertising, and for the transfer of own data streams to reach a high privacy level. Privacy is already protected by law (human basic right) and not a new rule only because a technical innovation hits the market.

Data as personal property
While working with soft- and hardware from IT-companies, Fashionoffice has found out that the data of the magazine delivered by a data center (hard- and software for Fashionoffice) and analysed by the software on the hardware of statistic specialists like Google Analytics, DoubleClick, and Quantcast are serving anonymized results that are obviously biased. A characteristic of the 'Cloud' is that the data (content streams, statistical results) are not in the exclusive property of Fashionoffice as the magazine uses the property of others for the delivery and statistical measurements. The Cloud shows its foggy nature when obviously irregular statistical results are not caused by one of the contracting IT-services, which are as interested as Fashionoffice to deliver good quality.

Find below the geographical data of Fashionoffice from February to May 2011 (distribution: 172 countries; delivered by DoubleClick for Publishers) as well as people, visits and page views tracked by Quantcast which are showing massive differences for the amount of people and page views from Germany; compare the Quantcast statistics with DoubleClick for Publishers – both tools are accredited by the MRC (Media Rating Council).

1 - 28 February 2011
1 - 31 March 2011
1 - 30 April 2011
1 - 31 May 2011


Germany 120,777 United States 56,238 United States 49,325 United States 54,519
United States 53,925 Austria 51,316 Austria 44,403 Austria 46,517
Austria 48,265 Germany 23,880 UK 15,143 UK 24,375
UK 23,168 UK 22,490 Germany 15,325 Germany 22,886
South Korea 9,792 South Korea 10,107 Canada 8,927 Spain 13,418
Canada 8,930 Canada 9,326 Netherlands 8,093 China 11,669
France 7,826 Netherlands 9,018 Italy 7,361 South Korea 8,874
Netherlands 7,318 France 8,736 Poland 6,974 Netherlands 8,336
Italy 7,059 Italy 8,379 China 6,974 France 7,889
India 6,197 China 7,295 Australia 6,092 Italy 7,367
Brazil 6,165 India 7,106 France 6,169 Canada 6,630
Australia 5,753 Australia 7,031 South Korea 5,844 Australia 6,361
China 5,529 Poland 6,176 India 5,609 India 5,549
Russian Fed. 5,239 Brazil 6,173 Russian Fed. 4,782 Russian Fed. 4,355
Thailand 4,993 Spain 5,883 Brazil 4,813 Brazil 4,423
Poland 4,932 Russian Fed. 5,510 Spain 4,377 Turkey 4,095
Spain 4,682 Switzerland 4,682 Turkey 3,939 Belgium 3,438
Switzerland 4,212 Hong Kong 4,597 Switzerland 3,547 Poland 3,485
Mexico 3,820 Turkey 4,291 Belgium 3,192 Viet Nam 3,141
Turkey 3,575 Belgium 4,179 Mexico 3,166 Mexico 3,130
Source of the Impressions/Inventory (incl. 320x50 Mobile Leaderboard): DoubleClick for Publishers. Media facts and figures Fashionoffice are published on Note about the variations (minus 87% in April) concerning the country 'Germany': Fashionoffice has checked the reliability of the data several times even on occasion of similar variations; according to officials and authorities of the internet, the variations have to be explained from the view of internet as an eco-system which is regulating itself.


Inventory measured by Quantcast: 728x90, 160x600, 120x600, 468x60, 300x250, 200x200, 120x240, 120x90 pixels. Data are measured on the inventory pages of and its special channels only. Not all content pages are carrying inventory. The inventories of the Fashion Feeds and the Mobile Site are not included. The eMail-Trendletter has no inventory slots.

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