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spring/summer 2010

One man provokes many ideas...

By the end of the year 2009, the designers of the new 2010 collections seem to have a vision of a man who is free in his mind and has in the same time both feets on the ground. They have created fashion and beauty products that accompany him during his mobile, active and eco-conscious living.

The clothing of the man 2010 gets its inspirations from cultural heritage and modern visions. The man in the designers eyes keeps his life traditional and modern at the same time; that makes him sexy unpredictable.

Diesel says about its SS2010 collection: "Sex sells. Unfortunately we sell jeans." Probably one leads to the other...

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The micro jacket in wet earthy look by Geox from the spring/summer 2010 collection has the label's signature patented transpiration system. This system can be described as an architecture made of fabrics that allows the hot air from the body rise upwards. The 'last station' for the damp air is a band of air-holes that goes from one shoulder to the other. The band is made of breathable, one-way waterproof membrane: they let the sweat out and the rain not in.

White shirt with V-neck by Calida from the daywear collection 'Liberty' SS2010.

Maison Martin Margiela helmet for Les Ateliers Ruby (photo: (C) Julien Oppenheim). In 2009, the founder of Ruby, Jerome Coste invited the Belgian designer Martin Margiela to create one helmet for the label's 'Signature' programme. The designer took the invitation literally and placed with his colleagues signatures on the helmet. In the same year, Maison Martin Margiela celebrated its 20th anniversary. The Belgian designer left his own house in December 2009. "So you can now ride in peace, the whole of Maison Martin Margiela is with you," writes Ruby for the fans of Martin Margiela. In the same month as he left his house, Martin Margiela presented a silver microcassette at the Maison Martin Margiela, created by the musician (R.E.M), film producer and photographer Michael Stipe, which follows the idea of remembrance. Read the article 'Historic music technology as contemporary fashion piece'.

Calida nightwear SS2010. The model is dressed in nightwear by Calida from the 'Liberty' spring/summer 2010 collection. Calida's boxer shorts and comfortable shirts of cotton-jersey are inspired by a man who loves his freedom and active sports.

Messenger by Dirk Bikkembergs FF2009/10. The Belgian designer is known as one the famous ‘Antwerp Six’ who graduated from Antwerp's Royal Academy of Fine Arts in the early eighties together with Walter Van Beirendonck, Ann Demeulemeester, Dries van Noten, Dirk Van Saene, and Marina Yee, is represented since 1998 in Milan. His collections are created for sportive men.

Calida 'Liberty' underwear SS2010.

Red jeans from the Diesel SS2010 collection. "Sex Sells. Unfortunately we sell jeans," says the Italian denim label Diesel about the hot red jeans from the new collection. (Note by the editor: probably one leads to the other.)

Hugo Element, special edition (release January 2010). The fresh, spicy fragrance is accompanied by the campaign 'One Fragrance, One Tree' to protect the Amazon rain forest. Hugo has already planted trees (one for each bottle from the special edition) in cooperation with the French organisation Pur Project on 800 hectare (think the Central Park in New York three times) in Peru. Each bottle has a signature; it's a number that allows to find on Google Maps the exact position of the tree that was planted in Peru with the support of the purchase of the fragrance.

The concept of the scent follows the idea of the 4 elements: it opens with the element water with an olfactory sea breeze by using an artificial scent with the name Calone. It has a similar structure of pheromones that come from some species of brown algae. Calone is known since the middle of the last century und was used in fragrances like Cool Water (Davidoff 1988). The element fire in the head note is translated by ginger and coriander, earth in the base with woody notes, especially cedar. The fourth element air is materialized in the design of the flacon itself which represents an Oxygen tank.

Shirts by Eterna FW2010/11. The preview to the next fall/winter collections in 2010/2011 by Eterna show the trend for more fun and color: the label, known for elegant shirts, has extended the range by uni-colored 'Funny Shirts' for the casual style and the 'Red'-collection of bright colored and expressive printed shirts for men. On the picture above you can see two striped models from the main collection in 'Smart City'-style.

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