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spring/summer 2010

Style for a natural beach

The spring months of the year color the European and all other in the same 'season zone' lying (natural) beaches with lively vegetation; the non-natural beaches never change their look.

Assumed to go to a natural beach, what has the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle industry therefore 'on stock' this year?

original beginning with the woman in jeans who wears the...

'Hampton Top' in silk by Aaron Ashe spring/summer 2010; photo by Grey Lockwood; styling by Ronit Nabi,

Aaron Ashe is the label of Ellie Shabatian from Los Angeles.

Fashionoffice asked the pressoffice of Aaron Ashe: "Why has she chosen Aaron Ashe as the brand name and not her own which sounds also very good."

Pressoffice Aaron Ashe: "Ellie named her collection after her parents, by using both their first names. She honors her parents for their support and love by naming her collection after each of them."

Ellie has started her label with the spring 2009 collection. Her easy to wear pieces are made of silk. Each of the Aaron Ashe pieces has another name: they are named after places the designer has visited around the world; like the 'Hampton Top' on this page.

Anemone Ring from the Milan based jewelery designer Daniela De Marchi. The fusion of the elements water, air, earth and fire is a signature of the designer's work. It's intended that the ring of precious stones with less noble metals has a creature-like appeal; it's a symbol for the sea.

"Silver is moulded by fire, like it is coming out of magma. The matter burns, becomes dark and an unknown sea creature is born. The mystery is soon lightened up by the charm of diamonds, set on the sting’s ends. The tips seem to float into water, moved by a constant sea wind that gives life to every static movement," describes Daniela De Marchi the jewellery.

The graduate from the ‘Istituto Europeo del Design’ in Milan has founded her label in 2000. Daniela De Marchi has developed an own technique which she has taken from the production of wax to create the form of 'Dropage'. For the 'Dropage'-effect, she is using heat to bring the material to a liquid state and then she brings it back again to a solid state of tiny drops. This gives her pieces the volcanic touch.

"I don’t copy, I don’t invent anything; I listen to the form and mould the material – beauty thrives in every object. Trees, cork, coral, cliffs, leaves; images from the subconscious, atemporal, remind me that I exist. Everything is part of me. Absolute beauty is the soul of the world," says the designer Daniela De Marchi about her work.

Boat shoe 'Benin' by Timberland spring/summer 2010 from the Earthkeepers-line. The white sole is made of 40% recycled Latex, the leather-tan is eco-friendly, and the shoe string is made of bio-cotton.

Allround-Design-Notebook in earthy brown from the Sony VAIO E-series; available from February 2010 on. The notebook (15,5', screen resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels, integrated stereo phones) is designed for mobile usage. It has a special 'web' key which starts the browser and connects at the same time to the internet.

'Burlesque' bag in brown from the 'Tassel'-collection by George Gina & Lucy spring/summer 2010; photo:

Sunglasses in 70ies style by Just Cavalli from the Main Sun 2009/10 collection. The opalescent violet colour melts into azure blue...

Eyeshadow Quad with sky- and night-blues combined with black for the 'Smoky Eyes' look by Estée Lauder for spring/summer 2010; comes into stores in March 2010.

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