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Short Message 23/12/2009 - '2nd Skin Single Mix 2009' by the musician and glam model Martin Meister The Viennese born model and musician has been already captured by photographers like Rankin, appeared in magazines like Vogue and in videos such as Madonna's 'Drowned World'. Martin Meister aka Martin 101 has sent his Merry Xmas wishes by email with the announcement of the release of the new song 'Follow Me'. In January 2010 the track will be available on iTunes worldwide.

Short Message 23/12/2009 - Christmas Ain't No Good Without You’ by Harper Blynn who have recently released their debut album 'Loneliest Generation', produced by David Kahne (The Strokes, Regina Spektor, Paul McCartney) and Malcolm Burn (Emmylou Harris, Chris Whitley, Kaki King). Since 17 Dec the album is available digitally on iTunes; on CD in April 2010.

Short Message 22/12/2009 - Male models singing backstage US artist Jeremy Kost captured in his video ‘Jeremy Kost’s Fashion Week’ (2009) for the New York Magazine male models backstage performing a cappella. The Washington gallery Conner Contemporary Art will show the artist’s view on the glam scene of New York’s club kids, celebrities, transsexuals, and beautiful young men under the title ‘Anyone Other Than Me …’ from 16 Jan – 6 March 2010. Kost's work focuses on human interaction – especially the photographer’s relation to the models

Short Message 22/12/2009 - Animated video. Just for entertainment! Female voice: Milla Jovovich

Short Message 22/12/2009 - ‘If you are looking for a good man, take a look at me…’ sings Jon Spencer from the New York based rockabilly-trash-punk band 'Heavy Trash' on the track ‘Good Man’ from the album 'Midnight Soul Serenade' (released Oct 2009). Heavy Trash is on tour: 14 Jan Eindhoven, 15 Jan Brussels, 16 Jan Cologne, and on the following days Amsterdam, Roma, Salzburg, Vienna, Munich… to name a few. Details on

One man provokes many ideas...
By the end of the year 2009, the designers see the man in 2010 living in a traditional and modern world at the same time; that makes him sexy unpredictable. Diesel says about its SS2010 collection: "Sex sells. Unfortunately we sell jeans." Probably one leads to the other...

Short Message 20/12/2009 - Good things happen… has written an critic about the collaborative release ‘The Spirit of Apollo’ (2009). It’s the debut album of N.A.S.A. (the acronym stands for North America/South America). On the Myspace-site the inspiring Brazilian funk is explained to have a dramaturgic function: “…Brazilian funk, which provides the roots of the songs and binds them together into a cohesive whole, but from there, the imagination behind The Spirit of Apollo ranges far and wide.” Music heroes like Tom Waits, Wu Tang, David Byrne, Chuck D, to name a few, worked on 17 tracks. Watch the video ‘The People Tree’ (feat. David Byrne, Chali 2na, Gift Of Gab & Z-Trip)!

Dreaming and the perception of reality
Viennese designer Lili Ploskova invited to cookies and glühwein (hot wine) at the showroom 'Lila Pix'. The invitation shows a picture of a stole with a golden print. Fashionoffice asked Lili Ploskova about the golden print and its meaning...

Short Message 19/12/2009 - Call for bag and shirt designers The Austrian music, art and design festival poolbar calls designers to participate in the poolbar-Style-Contest. Deadline for submissions (bag and shirt designs) is the 27th Feb 2010. On the same day the online voting will start. Details on

Short Message 19/12/2009 - Denim label invites 2.0 reporters G-Star searches under the title ‘RAW 2.0’ for young talents from the social media scene (Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube) to report from the New York Fashion Week (11th to 18th February), from the After Show Party, from behind the scenes, from everywhere around the G-Star Raw Show. Closing date for submissions is the 1st February 2010. The winners will be announced on 3rd Feb. Details on

Modepalast's Spot on Green
In December 2009, the organizers of the 'Modepalast' (founded 2003) announced the next sales exhibition for fashion, jewelry and accessories during April 2010 in Vienna for the first time with a strong focus on 'Green'. Fashionoffice asked the Modepalast organizers Cloed Priscilla Baumgartner and Jasmin Ladenhaufen about green fashion, the masterminds behind Modepalast's green idea, if it's the first time that the Modepalast spots on 'Green'...

Jewellery design inspired by Middle Eastern heritage
"Many of my ideas and inspiration come from my Middle Eastern background, but also from my travels, my studies, and the little things I love. I am very much inspired by the work of my favourite artists and architects, for example the futuristic sculptural quality of Zaha Hadid’s work inspired my black ebony and gold cuff..." says the international educated (Paris, London, Beirut...) world traveler Noor Fares....

Short Message 15/12/2009 - Films from the Middle East and North Africa The German cultural institute 'Goethe-Institut' in Cairo has initiated the project ARABSHORTS.NET to give an insight into the independent film scene in nine Arabian countries (Jordan, Morocco, Egypt, Gulf Region, Tunisia, Palestine, Algeria, Syria, Lebanon). The documentaries, animations, experimental films, and video art productions are presented on the website with biography of the director and synopsis. The short movies focus on cultural themes like gender, globalisation, and ‘My Beloved Homeland’. Some of them have humorous scenes such as the ‘Oranges’-movie by Mouzahem Yahia (Algeria) about two men who fight for no reason.

Short Message 15/12/2009 - Henrik Vibskov’s hamster wheels in Copenhagen In February 2009, the Scandinavian designer and artist Henrik Vibskov, a graduate from Central St. Martin’s, has shown his FW9/10 collection in hamster wheels in Copenhagen. One of his most recent projects are the costumes for the "Circus Hein" by Jeppe Hein, an exhibition at Atelier Calder in France, running until 4 April 2010. Jeppe Hein’s circus focuses on magic, illusion, sensation, participation and entertainment

Planning 2010
The emerging new style is characterized by flexible time management on individual working places with the computer as the only constant. The Trend Forecast 2011 by German designers foresees that the increasingly falling distinctions between sport, leisure and work time cause an easy style of living which is entitled in the analysis with 'Freedom'. This freedom will have its expression in an urban chic made of a new styled sportswear. Fashion by Museum, G-Star, Wolford, Crumpler, adidas, Freitag...

Short Message 14/12/2009 - Let’s Shake Hands On 11th December, The White Stripes released the video for the track ‘Let’s Shake Hands’ on occasion of the announcement of the Limited Edition Box set that includes a DVD of the documentary film 'The White Stripes Under Great White Northern Lights', directed by Emmett Malloy and the DVD of the band’s 10th Anniversary show, 'The White Stripes Under Nova Scotian Lights', directed by Emmett Malloy, etc. Details are published with a trailer on

Thinking other people and in generations; Ball Style 2009/10
The superficiality of fashion and beauty lies often in the eyes of the viewer. By getting behind the scenes of the glamorous fashion and beauty world it becomes obvious that many 'big players' have already started programs which are developed from a holistic view on human beings and the environment. ... 'Ball Style' with fashion by Michel Klein for La Redoute, Sonia Rykiel pour H&M, Buffalo at Salamander, beauty by Aveda...

How to discourage other road users
Les Ateliers Ruby has already collaborated with celebrities such as Karl Lagerfeld or Martin Margiela. In 2009, Ruby selected the Parisian graffiti artist Honet. His helmet shows a "...Surfin' Zombie that can be seen from the back and looks like a spectre discouraging anyone who might be thinking of overtaking." The release of the Honet Ruby was accompanied by a special composed music by Boombass that leads you to an imaginary trip... (Boombass is on tour: 12 Dec Munich, 19 Dec Berlin)

Hoaxes and sexual fantasies
The 50th issue of the wearable magazine T-post is about a lesbian-city that grew as a hoax in men's fantasies which goes now around the globe...

Short Message 11/12/2009 - Experimental program for thinking design new The Parsons The New School for Design (New York) invites on 14 Dec to an information session of its new Fashion Programs that will be launched in fall 2010. One of them is “MFA Transdisciplinary Design - In this experimental graduate program innovative thinkers from the world of design are brought together with professionals from other fields to find design-based solutions to the complexities of life in the 21st century”.

Short Message 10/12/2009 - New ways of living against climate change The Danish art community holds an experimental art festival under the title ‘New Life in Copenhagen – Participate or Die’ in thousands of private homes of families during the conference in Copenhagen from 7-18 December. believes that the environment can only be saved by a new way of living practised by all of us.

Short Message 9/12/2009 - The guitarists Jack White, The Edge, and Jimmy Page in a documentary Davis Guggenheim, who directed the documentary (2008; trailer, DVD release on 22 Dec) about the three generations of electric guitar virtuosos The Edge (U2), Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), and Jack White (The White Stripes), was asked: "Are there particular moments from the film that are your favorites?" He answered: "There are so many. ... We were filming Jack in Austin, Texas, and he's playing this out-of-control guitar solo. Through the lens, I start realizing that he's so focused and playing so aggressively that his hand is bleeding without him even knowing it."

Short Message 9/12/2009 - The Holy Kings in a contemporary music-clip The video ‚The Wanderer’ for the first official track of the French folk musician Jil aka ‘Jil is Lucky’ shows the Holy Kings (a very international group) riding after the star. The single for the debut album premiered in March 2009 and was soon discovered by the fashion and beauty world. The Japanese label Kenzo uses ‘The Wanderer’ for the new spot ‘Flower by Kenzo’ (released 1st Dec 2009): a woman lands on a roof (over Paris ?)… You can watch it on

Thinking 'Green' in fashion
Even if the handful politicians will not reach the highest goals during the conference in Copenhagen (and many say they will find good-bad compromises), the people have the power to make life greener - such as exercising...

Short Message 8/12/2009 - "I got it all. Yes it’s true…So why don’t I get you…" sings Chris Keating on the Simian Mobile Disco album “…the dat-player minidisc cd-rom. Book collection with an autographed James Joyce. Bio-diesel dirigible, ba-baby it’s choice. Double Dutch dinosaur duplex in Dubai. I’ll be there with my friend the Sultan of Brunei. I got it all. Yes it’s true. So why don’t I have you…” run the words of the track ‘Audacity Huge’, lyrics by James Ford and Jas Shaw, the men behind the English dance production and remix team Simian Mobile Disco. They have worked already with musicians such as Peaches. For the album Temporary Pleasure, the two musicians have teamed up with Beth Ditto from Gossip and Chris Keating from Yeasayer, to name only two. For the release, SMD collaborated with American Apparel. From 24 September on, a limited edition CD (featuring two exclusive bonus tracks) was available in stores and online, alongside an exclusive T-shirt designed by the British artist Kate Moross. She is the art director of the video ‘Audacity Huge’.

Trend Forecast 2011 by German designers: 'Showing Emotions'
The VDMD (Association of German Fashion and Textile Designers) introduced the new color trends for summer 2011. The designers develop the colors from the forecasts of 17 trend offices with regard to themes, colours and philosophy for the fashion, textile, interior and consumer goods industry...

Short Message 7/12/2009 - Sunglasses inspired by the traditional burqa On the video Khulood Al Atiyat is speaking about the inspiration for the sunglasses, why the burqa becomes tradition at nomadic cultures in the south (protection from the sun to keep the skin healthy!) and how women handle the protective shield today in the United Arab Emirates. Khulood Al Atiyat is PR & Event Director of the Sheik Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding. By the way: the sunglasses ‘bq’ (Burqa Project were seen on where over 8500 products from more than 3100 designers can be viewed.

Thinking the world new; seen at Zimtstern SS2010
...the new spring/summer 2010 collection follows the same idea: to bring together what is not thought together...

Short Message 5/12/2009 - >30 mash-ups of more than 60 artists such as The Beastie Boys vs Matt And Kim or Kanye West vs Cage & Aviary The Chicago based mashup musicians Steve Reidell and Aaron Brink have mixed ‘The Mixtape Volume Four’ for house parties. “The Hood Internet gives the people what they want on a daily basis -- even if they don't know they want it yet. Marauding the pop, rap and R&B landscapes like laptop-armed alchemists…”

Short Message 5/12/2009 - Another look on the pioneers of today’s society 60 or 70 years are not a long time for a movement in society. How long has it taken that racism or gender discrimination could be diminished? Watch the music clip from The Zimmers (the British band ages between 70 and 90 years) covering The Who-song from 1965 ‘My Generation’: “People try to put us d-down. Just because we g-g-get around. Things they do look awful c-c-cold. I hope I die before I get old.” You can buy the album (as X-Mas present for your grandparents?) and support the charity work of The Zimmers for 'Age Concern' or 'Little Havens Childrens Hospice' on

Master or servant; Spring Style 2010
She wears a rainbow dress with fetishist black ribbon gloves and bondage style high heels...

Short Message 4/12/2009 - Children’s room as art space - wooden toys for the rebellious youth by Keith Haring or Yoshitomo Nara The French wooden toy producer Vilac presents on his online catalogue bright colored chairs by US graffiti-artist Keith Haring or a brave looking dog by the Japanese punk-pop-artist Yoshitomo Nara, who is known to create violent child sculptures and images.

Historic music technology as contemporary fashion piece
In December 2009, the Belgian designer Martin Margiela presents a silver microcassette at the Maison Martin Margiela, created by the musician (R.E.M), film producer and photographer Michael Stipe, which follows the idea of remembrance such as Margiela has show in his new spring/summer 2010 collection in October this year.

Some rules are necessary, some rules are not... the most important information that is delivered by the pedagogues at school. But when teachers take formalism more serious than content, the kid will well behave but is not well taught. You can find similarities between the ones who are well dressed and the ones who have style...

Short Message 2/12/2009 - New music video from the Melbourne, now in London-based-band ‘The Temper Trap’ The band has just released the clip for the song ‘Fader’ from the debut album ‘Conditions’. The video is directed by Andy Huchison. ‘The Temper Trap’ will be on tour with ‘Florence and the Machine’ in December: 6 + 7 Dec Ireland, from 9th Dec on in UK.

Short Message 1/12/2009 - Kaleidoscope effect in a new music video Brendan Benson has released his new music video for the track ‘A Whole Lot Better’ with psychedelic pictures photographed by George Mays. On the video you can see Brad Pemberton on drums (Ryan Adams), Jared Reynolds on bass (Ben Folds) and Mark Watrous on guitar and keys (The Raconteurs).

Is there truth online? Fashionoffice Insight by Karin Sawetz, Dec 2009
Is the internet a chance or a trap for democratic opinion building? Is the online-business overruling our perception of truth? Which content is paid and are there any rules for labeling paid content?

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