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Miyo Yoshida
selected for
the Catlin Art Prize

14 – 23 May 2010
Village Underground, Shoreditch, London

Fashion, art, music influenced by the reality-simulation of media

In January 2010, Miyo Yoshida, graduate from the Royal College of Art in London, is represented with her work 'The Void' in the announcement of the Catlin Art Prize about the selection of eight graduates from art schools in UK that will be on exhibition in May 2010 in London. It's the fourth year that the Catlin prize supports Britain’s emerging artists. The eight artists will make a new collection of work for the Catlin Art Prize exhibition.

fig.: (C) Miyo Yoshida, Louis Vuitton Bag and Pantone Mug (from 'The Void', 2009); styrene, paper, vinyl. Courtesy of Art Catlin.

Miyo Yoshida uses in her installation 'The Void' pieces like the book 'Media Control' from Noam Chomsky, a Louis Vuitton bag, the Jack Kerouac novel 'On The Road', a football, Chanel makeup, an Apple iphone, the Sex Pistols album 'Never Mind The Bollocks', etc. On her website, the artist publishes a pricelist for all the things she uses in 'The Void'. The pieces are the ones that surround her; the costs are the price for living a West-European lifestyle "induced by the media", as she writes.

"The media creates a simulation of reality which presents the masses with models of being. This hyper-reality comes to influence fashion, art, music and literature; it affects body as well as mind by planting promotional seeds that grow to become accepted values for the individual and for society." states Miyo Yoshida on

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