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The international 'hot spots' in fashion

Since 2008, Fashionoffice asks users to vote for five Fashion Cities (New York, Paris, London, Milano, Tokyo). In the years before, the list contained more city names like Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Stockholm or Vienna; these cities are interesting for the users too, but they are not counting to the international 'hot spots' in fashion.

In the last years, Tokyo became increasingly more interesting for Fashionistas; especially for finding interesting business partners. The Asian fashion city is strongly associated with artful collections. Paris leads still the ranking for the most artful collections (since 2008), followed by Tokyo and London.

The best ready to wear is associated with New York, Paris, and Milano.

New York is the city where the Fashionistas are awaiting the most interesting business partners, followed by Tokyo and Paris.

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Geography (Quantcast/30 Dec 2009/Countries in %): United States 23.27, Germany 7.62, Austria 6.42, United Kingdom 5.78, Korea, Republic of 4.90, Canada 2.77, Netherlands 2.36, Italy 2.35, China 2.19, India 2.08, Australia 2.07, France 2.03, Brazil 1.45, Russian Federation 1.40, Thailand 1.34, Turkey 1.33, etc.
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field work period: 27 Dec 2003 - 23 Jan 2010
sample: 24.423 interviewed individuals

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1. qualitative pilot study with open questions to identify the main trends and desires
2. quantitative research with interactive online questionnaires

method of sampling: random sample
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