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Geographical data of Fashionoffice, Jan 2010
(Statistical data from 18 Jan 2010)

Results: Since August 2009, Fashionoffice monitors geographical data from Quantcast closer to match it with the statistics delivered by and Google Analytics. Quantcast data hadn't changed through the months August to mid January 2010. By checking the statistics on 18 January, the geographical data (country/uniques) by Quantcast show for the first time changes: traffic from US grew from 23.27% to 40.81% while Quantcast tracks fewer users from the Asian countries Korea, China, India on Fashionoffice. At the same time, Fashionoffice delivers significantly less data for people and impressions since 14 Jan 2010.

Explanation: There are many possible explanations for the results concerning traffic sources (like the dominating traffic from Indonesia, Turkey, or Hungary at the Alexa statistics for Fashionoffice). As CERT has assured in Nov 2009, there is no reason to be alerted - such as in the case of the expanded traffic from Pakistan which grew in Oct 2009 suddenly to 40%, as long as the domains of Fashionoffice show no significant reports on Google Analytics; from this point of view, the server delivers data very consistent.

The difference between Alexa and Google Analytics or Quantcast: Alexa is measuring the data on Alexa toolbars and collects them from diverse traffic data sources. Therefore, Alexa is a good mean to control the usage of a website in addition to Quantcast or Google Analytics which are both measuring the traffic with tags that are installed on Fashionoffice's webpages. For example: the abuse on domain level (contrary to a hacked server) can not be pursued by analyzing server data because domain abuse does not happen on the server itself.

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