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Margit Czák

15 January – 19 February 2010
Galerie Vor Ort, Vienna (Austria)

Textile works that spot on women at a place in Vienna

'Wohlbehütet' is a German term for 'well-cared' and comes from the visual impression of having a protective hat (the verb 'behütet' comes from the noun 'Hut' which means 'hat') above ones head.

Margit Czák (born 1948 in Styria, lives in Vienna) has chosen the term for the title of her exhibition at the Viennese Galerie Vor Ort. She focuses with her textile work on the body, especially the female one and the roles of females in the society.

map: The name of the 'Galerie Vor Ort'
Probably even the gallery's name should be translated because it means as much as 'local gallery or gallery on the spot'. Since January 2009, the gallery is directed by four women. The aim of the curated exhibitions is to question viewing patterns by integrating the place around.

The title of the exhibition is even a quasi linguistic guide through the exhibition which is divided in two parts:

fig.: Margit Czák uses vintage material (porcelain heads from dolls) for her sculptures to integrate the idea of 'having a history'. The bodies which are formed by the artist are captured by materials like rice or pearls that express the status or the origin of the 'protected'. Photo: (C) Max Herl.

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