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Fashion people prefer to get inspired on the street, by art & design, and by printed magazines and TV.

By asking the Fashionistas where they are getting the inspiration for the personal style on- or offline, it becomes obvious that the internet ranks not on one of the front positions. Once in the Fashionoffice voting the media with the greatest authenticity for Fashionistas' style, the internet went behind the top-position to the 5th place! But it's the first time since 2008 that the importance of the internet grows again.

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Geography (Quantcast/30 Dec 2009/Countries in %): United States 23.27, Germany 7.62, Austria 6.42, United Kingdom 5.78, Korea, Republic of 4.90, Canada 2.77, Netherlands 2.36, Italy 2.35, China 2.19, India 2.08, Australia 2.07, France 2.03, Brazil 1.45, Russian Federation 1.40, Thailand 1.34, Turkey 1.33, etc.
demographics: audience profile of

field work period: 27 Dec 2003 - 23 Jan 2010
sample: 24.423 interviewed individuals

survey method:
1. qualitative pilot study with open questions to identify the main trends and desires
2. quantitative research with interactive online questionnaires

method of sampling: random sample
last data interpretation: 23 Jan 2010

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