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The mobile phone becomes increasingly the 'outdoor computer'

Since 2003 Fashionoffice researches the most important trends by asking users online on Styleradar and Beautyradar. During the last Styleradar-survey, online fashionistas were asked for the first time even if web or gaming can be counted to the trendiest extra usages of the mobile phone.

The phone as digital calendar (includes clock or agenda functions) was not included into the voting, but named by the users as one of the trendiest extra usages.

Un-timed multimedia consumption such as listening music and watching or making video is preferred against timed entertainment like TV and radio. This is not a vote against editorial content. Watching TV - which is defined especially by providing editorial content, has gained more votes than video and is on the second place (1st place music) if the results are ranked after the criteria 'using internet on the phone'. Photo is still the trendiest extra usage of the mobile phone.

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Geography (Quantcast/30 Dec 2009/Countries in %): United States 23.27, Germany 7.62, Austria 6.42, United Kingdom 5.78, Korea, Republic of 4.90, Canada 2.77, Netherlands 2.36, Italy 2.35, China 2.19, India 2.08, Australia 2.07, France 2.03, Brazil 1.45, Russian Federation 1.40, Thailand 1.34, Turkey 1.33, etc.
demographics: audience profile of

field work period: 27 Dec 2003 - 23 Jan 2010
sample: 24.423 interviewed individuals

survey method:
1. qualitative pilot study with open questions to identify the main trends and desires
2. quantitative research with interactive online questionnaires

method of sampling: random sample
last data interpretation: 23 Jan 2010

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