WOMEN's and MEN's underwear
fall/winter 2011/12

Women's and men's underwear spiced with elegant freshness

In May 2011, the European fashion label Calida (founded 1941 in Switzerland) presented the new trends for FW2011/12 underwear such as classical Brit-chic herringbone patterns, striped athletic pieces and basics made from certified organic cotton.

Calida celebrates this year its 70th anniversary. In 1941, Calida's first underwear collection was sold with a recycling-offer. The 'guaranteed underwear'-promise was that defective items would be repaired at no cost.

Now, Calida announces new pieces for the basic lines (for women/for men) made from a Swiss organic cotton fabric (SwissCotton Organic) that is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified and compliant with stringent international quality requirements; it includes environmental protection, sustainability and ethical consciousness.

fig. Woman: The name of the bra and brief in herringbone pattern in black and camel is 'Greta'. Man: 'Pure & striped Trend' in grey inspired by early morning fog and the freshness of daybreak for men's underwear. Autumn/Winter 2011/12 trends by Calida. Photos: DRS Berlin.

Video: Making Of the Calida Spring/Summer 2011 campaign. The style of Calida can be described as natural urban spiced with an elegant freshness which is also reflected by the campaign images.


Source: Original article with images and video on http://www.confashion.com/fw2011/calida5-2011.htm.

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