1 July 2011 - Short Message

'Too Much Midi (Please Forgive Me)' by the US electronic musicians Ford & Lopatin

...consisting of Joel Ford and Daniel Lopatin who are working with music instruments of the 80s - analogue synthesizers and drum machines which were used before the first computers arrived in the studios and became 'instruments' of musicians.

Lopatin is cited by Andy Battaglia on 'The National': "We've always wanted to experiment in this way, to cut up music that doesn't want to be cut up." Andy Battaglia explains in his very elaborated review Ford & Labotin's style: "...the way they take sounds, tones, and timbres so recognisably rooted in a certain time - in this case the 1980s of new-wave designs and synth-pop dreams - and recast them, by way of contemporary computer tools and holistic ways of thinking common among young artists for whom computers themselves are tools, as something new." thenational.ae/arts-culture/music/ford-lopatin-the-old-new-wave?pageCount=0.

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