5 July 2011 - Short Message

Green Fashion Berlin: Eco Showroom, Greenshowroom

The Eco Showroom invites to an organic ice cream and fair trade roses installation at the Berlin Fashion Week with the intention to open all senses for eco-lifestyle trends. Fashion by labels like the Austrian organic fashion, beauty and interior brand 'Grüne Erde' will be presented from 7 to 9 July. www.ecoshowroom.de

The Greenshowroom presents more than 30 labels from fashion, accessories, beauty, food with special appearance of designers from the Paris headquartered 'Ethical Fashion Show' during the Fashion Week Berlin from 6 to 8 July. The Greenshowroom organisers Magdalena Schaffrin and Jana Keller are collecting each year eco-labels which are representing the environmental friendly glitter of 'eco-luxury'. Starglitter from TV/film is announced for 7 July; German actress Andrea Sawatzki is guest of the cosmetic brand 'Regulat Beauty' at the Greenshowroom. www.green-showroom.net

The video is showing fashion by one of the Greenshowroom participants. 'doing your own thing' is the title of the current collection of the Hamburg (DE) based design label yog:k uniwearsal. The pieces are developed under the motto 'form follows function' and made from mostly ecologically produced and fair traded materials.

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