7 July 2011 - Short Message

Models in stunt sceneries

Just right in time with the Haute Couture shows in Paris (4 to 7 July 2011), the hotel Le Royal Monceau opens on 7 July the exhibition of images by US photographer Melvin Sokolsky, which give an insight into the fashion and photographic world of Paris and labels like Dior. Melvin Sokolsky is known for his dialogue with 'gravity'. His stunt scenery alike direction of models - flying over the roof tops of Paris or navigating in bubbles on the Seine, have revolutionized fashion photography. Melvin Sokolsky began to work as 21 years old in 1959 for Harper's Bazaar; additionally he contributed photographs to American publications. At Le Royal Monceau, photographs from the series 'Bubbles' and 'Flying' from 1963 to 1965 will be on show. The exhibition runs until 3 September 2011.

You can find a video-interview with Melvin Sokolsky speaking about the 'Flying' and 'Bubbles' images on http://vimeo.com/6680829.

At this time, Melvin Sokolsky is also part of the exhibition 'Beauty Culture' at the Annenberg Space in Los Angeles.


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