1 July 2011 - Short Message

Legendary scene from the movie 'Performance' (1970) with Mick Jagger

...where he sings 'Memo from Turner' - Mick Jagger plays rock-superstar Turner who meets a psychotic gangster world and begins to identify with them. Several sources are referring the movie's cutting style 'cut-up-technique' as well as parts of the songtext of 'Memo from Turner' to the American novelist William S. Burroughs (he has developed the technique with newspaper texts which he brought as cut pieces into another context/meaning).

The movie is even legendary because of a new style of music movies where the 'superstar' appears quasi as himself. An interesting promotional video with behind-the-scene footage is online which was shown to the Warner Bros execs and the worldwide distributors before the movie was released youtu.be/f3pFhLPXNM0.

BTW: the movie tip was found at kinowienochnie.at in Vienna where delicacies of film can be viewed 'Open Air' since yesterday until 14 August.

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