spring/summer 2011

Outdoor and re-constructive design

In June 2011, ideas for the extension of the functionality of existing design items and the re-construction of everyday objects and materials as new design pieces have reached Fashionoffice.

Such as the mobile home set swissRoomBox which turns cars into mobile 'apartments'. It is inspired by the functionality of the more than 100 years old Swiss Army Knife. The example for re-constructive design comes from the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) in Chicago, where visitors of an interactive workshop can create own design pieces from found old objects with the knowhow contributed by design professionals.

Mobile home and cars

The founder of the Swiss company 'misC', former sport (mountain biking) and marketing professional Philippe Perakis (has worked for Swatch, Diesel...) has designed the 'swissRoomBox' car-modules with the intention that it is used by families for their holidays or for sportive adventure tours by boarders, skiers, mountain bikers. The modules contain kitchen, shower, bed, dining elements and extend the functionality of a car into a mobile home zone.

Video: 'Dream -out of the box-' is one of several videos which are presenting the functionality of the swissRoomBox.

Re-constructive design

'We Are Here: Art & Design Out of Context' is the title of the exhibition and workshop series from 5 to 31 July 2011 at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) in Chicago. Four multidisciplinary art and design groups will transform the museum gallery into an interactive workspace such as US designer/writer Tim Parson and UK designer Jessica Charleswort who are inviting visitors between 19 and 24 July to the collaborative construction of their own pieces following the idea 'American Ad Hoc' out of every day typical American items such as a table made from a kids toy car. Details on mcachicago.org/exhibitions/exh_detail.php?id=286.

fig. original: Radio Flyer Table. Designed by Tim Parsons.


Source: Original article with image and video on http://www.fashionoffice.org/interior/2011/outdoordesign6-2011.htm.

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