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6 February 2018

'Iron Curtain Trail' cycle route is one of the projects presented at 'Unbuilding Walls' at the German Pavilion at Venice Biennale Architecture (May - November 2018)

Yesterday on occasion of the 28th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall after it had divided East from West Germany 28 years long (richly illustrated article "Berlin Wall now gone for as long as it stood" on, the German Pavilion/Venice Biennale Architecture curating team of Graft (architecture, urban development, design,...) sent the press release concerning the exhibition 'Unbuilding Walls'.

From 26 May until 25 November 2018 at the exhibition 'Unbuilding Walls' at the German Pavilion during Venice Biennale Architecture, visitors will find several projects concerning the impact rebuilt - once by borders divided - spaces have on society such as the 'Iron Curtain' which divided once the East from the West. The border-fortress was quasi recycled as 'Iron Curtain Trail' cycle route leading from the Barents Sea (Norwegian-Russian border) in the North to the Black Sea (Bulgarian-Turkish border) in the South. German politician and member of the European Green Party Michael Cramer has initiated the sustainable tourism and memorial project which has grown as useable cycling path during the years since its official inception in 2005. Today, the cycle route runs around 10.000 kilometers through 20 countries, leads through national parks and comes along watchtowers built in an era when Europe was divided.

fig.: Unity Bridge to Vacha. Photos provided by German Pavilion: Jürgen Ritter.

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