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Media information, Jan 2009

Media after the Media Revolution
Fashionoffice is starting 2009 with new tools for editorials and advertising

Fashionoffice has simultaneously developed new editorial features, work abilities and advertising opportunities. It’s a tradition of the media market that all three aspects have to be organised in a harmonious synergy; this rule is still valid in a market after the biggest media revolution since Gutenberg. 

Internet has changed the means for journalistic investigation as well as the instruments for the evaluation of the editor’s work. This was the reason why Fashionoffice has developed a new model for working with other journalists from the fields fashion, beauty and culture on the fair basis of 50% of the advertising sales income of each article. The income is counted by measuring the traffic with Google Analytics on the daily basis of advertising rates of the international market.

It was a long run to prepare this new possibility for other journalists to spread their word. Although Fashionoffice is a specialist in online publishing - exclusively online since 1996 – the step to find a new way to collaborate was a challenging one.

"On the one hand we had to offer something what makes the space on Fashionoffice attractive; on the other hand we had to check tools which allow a standardized measurement of the popularity of each journalist’s work – because that’s how the journalist earns money! We have started to test Google Analytics and the performance even with official authorities through many months before we began to develop the concept of the work space. Simultaneously new features such as RSS Feeds, Mobile Site, Mash Up… have been integrated; at the same time we have worked on the re-launch of traditional magazine extensions like the Trendletter and the online appearance of the magazine with all its channels,” Dr. Karin Sawetz, publisher Fashionoffice.

Since a few months advertisers can book their campaigns in ‘Fashionoffice’ directly by choosing Placement Targeting at Google Adwords.

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