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Video: "Wayfaring Stranger" is the debut single by South-West Londoner Jamie Woon (released 2007). The video is directed by Sophie Clements. Jamie Woon is in the 4th generation of a line of professional musicians. Last year the edgy Munich fashion store "Serie A" has chosen Jamie Woon for their pre-Christmas program. Jamie Woon is on tour: 10 Jul 2009 Kildare, 18 Jul London, 7 Aug Northern Ireland... Check out tracks, details

The song gives a good feeling for traveling but even a certain melancholy. It comes probably from the assumed origins of the song from the American Appalachian folk (American Native - European) and Negro spirituals; it has a strong Gypsy appeal and must not be necessarily interpreted as a song about a travel to heaven; 'Jordan' could have stand for something else in times of slavery; probably for the way to freedom.

fig.: Sometimes you don't have to travel far to get new impressions. You can see me in the arcade court between the decorative terracotta sculptures of mythological figures, gods, and fabulous creatures of the Renaissance castle Schallaburg in Lower Austria

fig.: The image shows me at the beach of Barcelona., Media Information:

July 2009
Brand building techniques by using SEO
Brand building lies in the hands of SEO specialists. Fashionoffice gives some advices how to make brands more worthy...

June 2009
New lifestyle reporter from Dubai and daily audience data  

In June 2009 Fashionoffice launches the publication of daily new traffic as well as audience profile data by Quantcast on and introduces the work of editor Caroline Zerrini...

May 2009
Fashionoffice update: interest-based advertising 
In April 2009 Fashionoffice has updated its terms of use according to the new technologies for delivering interest-based advertising by quantifying behaviour and interests as anonymous information

by publisher Karin Sawetz

July 2009

Fortunately internet can be received in almost each country of the civilized world!

Traveling time has started!

Fortunately, even the measuring of the audience data is not geographical bounded. Since July you can compare monthly data of Fashionoffice published by the US (San Francisco headquartered) company Quantcast on

Through the last years, Fashionoffice has collected data from different sources to find out how the bespoken fashion and beauty labels, designers and artists benefit from the editorial articles online. Are there any measureable effects for public relations?

Easy traveling with a mobile phone only! It is easy for you to stay in touch without a computer. Receive the Fashionoffice news by choosing on your mobile phone!

By the way: Michalsky has dressed up some mobile gadgets

Fashionoffice pre-traveled to give insights into some possible holiday-destinations:

"Paris Insight" is about the adventurous men of the city and Paul Smith's photographic work, showing a 'young pirate'. On the photographs you see mainly one man, standing alone; his dark hair is wild, the beard is adventurous without any hurry, wearing nothing else than his naked shoulders. Paul Smith has shot the campaign in a hotel...

"Dubai Insight" by lifestyle editor Caroline Zerrini brings us to the Cavalli Club, the exhibition '(No) Improvisation' by Farshid Maleki, a touch of United Arabic Emirates style by reporting about the exclusive Lacoste shoes collection by Zaha Hadid, and Caroline invites to an olfactory travel with Chanel and Dior...




"Munich Insight" is about beauty journalism, the new fragrance by Lolita Lempicka and why Munich's men have astonished me...

"Vienna Insight" is about the new shoe trends FW9/10 seen at Humanic, the 'swish', and why Vienna is a good place for walking with high-heels...

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